Four Strategies to Safeguard Against Risks Arising from the VMware Acquisition

Broadcom's acquisition of VMware has raised customer concerns about changes in pricing, support and future product investment. For example, Broadcom’s consolidation of VMware offerings into two bundles may lead to increased costs as individual products are phased out. Additionally, higher levels of support are only available with the more expensive solutions, potentially requiring customers to overprovision for desired support.

A great way to reduce your exposure to these risks is by limiting additional investments in VMware, converting workloads to a new platform, or rebalancing workloads between on-premises and cloud. Nutanix delivers a unified platform for consistent operations and data services across cloud, edge, and core environments. With these four strategies, we can help you reduce risk while modernizing your IT infrastructure and preparing your business for the hybrid multicloud future.

01 Build for the future on a modern platform
Nutanix can help you move forward with confidence without slowing down innovation. You can run Nutanix, including our integrated Nutanix AHV hypervisor, for AI, modern apps and other new workloads, while retaining your legacy SAN for existing workloads. We also make it easy to run current workloads – including Microsoft SQL Server, SAP ERP, dev/test, disaster recovery and edge – at new sites.

02 Replace your legacy SAN with Nutanix Cloud Platform
Swap complexity for simplicity when you replace your traditional SAN infrastructure with the Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) solution, which is based on our industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure. NCP delivers a cloud-like experience with optimized performance and high availability for AI and cloud-native apps, as well as traditional business-critical apps. Nutanix licenses include Nutanix AHV – a full-featured, enterprise-grade hypervisor built for hybrid multicloud deployments – at no additional cost.

03 Rebalance between on-premises and the cloud
If you’re looking for an easy way to reduce risk by transitioning workloads to the public cloud, Nutanix has you covered. With license mobility and painless migration to Microsoft Azure and AWS, Nutanix eliminates costly, time-consuming refactoring and replatforming. You can also use your existing cloud credits or make progress toward consumption commitments by purchasing cloud services and Nutanix licenses in cloud marketplaces.

04 Optimize existing VMware investments for maximum value
Nutanix integrates seamlessly with VMware solutions, so you can apply your existing VMware vSphere licenses to our modern platform. You’ll continue enjoying value from your current VMware licenses while reducing risk by running modern containerized and traditional VM apps on our proven hyperconverged infrastructure – on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge.

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If you’re concerned about potential negative impacts of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, Nutanix can help you minimize risk and reduce costs. Our industry-leading 7-year average Net Promoter Score of 90 and easy-to-use migration tools, services and training make it simple and fast to migrate from VMware solutions to Nutanix.

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Hear What Customers Are Saying

We selected Nutanix to help us modernize our IT infrastructure from our VMware legacy environment which no longer supported our growing needs, especially in light of increasing cost.

Paul Straton
Infrastructure and Security Manager at Day Lewis Pharmacy

We realize tremendous cost benefits with Nutanix, and we expect that it will pay us dividends in the future as well, by providing a scalable backbone that will continue to support our needs.

Bob Fishtrom
Director of Information Technology Services, at Mountain View Los Altos High School District

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