Nutanix PostgreSQL Support Policy

Nutanix’s award-winning support, comprehensive professional services offerings, and global training solutions help the world’s most advanced data centers run any workload, at any scale. This includes support services for PostgreSQL databases managed by Nutanix Database Service (NDB).

Nutanix provides end-to-end customer support for community edition PostgreSQL databases that are managed by NDB, including both hardware and software-related issues. This includes best practice advice, performance troubleshooting advice, and database engine bug fixes.  

The SLA for support for PostgreSQL databases managed by NDB is the same as the software support SLA on NDB itself.

Support issues covered include database corruption, queries returning wrong results, database and its components not performing despite sufficient resources, and backup/restore/patching-related failures. Nutanix will also support qualified PostgreSQL extensions (best effort), including PostGIS, pgAudit, pg_cron, set_user, and TimescaleDB.

NDB customers can access PostgreSQL support services by opening a support ticket with Nutanix support.