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Virtualizing Splunk on Nutanix AHV

Match the scalability of Splunk with Nutanix AHV

The Splunk on Nutanix solution provides a single high-density platform for Splunk, VM hosting, and application delivery. This document makes recommendations for the design, optimization, and scaling of Splunk deployments on Nutanix. It shows the scalability of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and provides detailed performance and configuration information on the scale-out capabilities of the cluster when used for Splunk deployments.

Nutanix has performed extensive testing to simulate both real-world workloads and the conditions of a Splunk environment on Nutanix. We validated testing using SplunkIT and Bonnie++.

Download this document to learn:

  • Why Nutanix AHV is the best match for Splunk.
  • Configuration steps for Splunk, Nutanix Acropolis, and AHV.
  • Validated design showing performance at scale.