Solution Note:
Oracle Test and Development Using Nutanix Snapshots

Fast cloning and deployment for test and development environments

Facing ever-changing business demands, it can be easy to ignore test and development environments in favor of keeping up with your production servers. However, with the distinct advantages that the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud offers for organizations, such as shorter time to production and increased staff productivity, it’s now easier than ever to innovate via test and development.

This document shows you how to use the space-efficient Nutanix snapshot technology to refresh test or development database instances.

Download this free publication for:

  • Detailed walkthroughs of using protection domains to create a snapshot manually or via the built-in scheduler and then clone that snapshot to your test or development VM.
  • Configuration details for Oracle Database software, networking, storage, and Nutanix protection domains.
  • A sample architecture diagram for a Nutanix cluster for Oracle VMs.