Multi-Cloud Security for Dummies: Nutanix Special Edition

Many people believe that moving to the cloud releases them from certain obligations such as backups and security. Contrary to popular belief,  security is a shared responsibility.

In the world of cloud, shared responsibility means that your organization retains security responsibility for certain aspects of the environment while the cloud provider handles other aspects. Now imagine how difficult that can be when you think about multi-cloud environments!

Managing and monitoring cloud resources in your public and private environments requires a considerable amount of help - both from thought leaders and automated tools. With that said, we’ve partnered with Wiley Publishing to develop a comprehensive how-to guide for multi-cloud security.

This eBook will guide you through:

  • Understanding common cloud security flaws
  • Enabling real-time cloud security threat detection
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory policies
  • Introducing DevSecOps as a security enabler
  • ...and more!

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