Best Practices Guide:
Deploying Microsoft Distributed File System

Microsoft DFS makes it easy to access and manage file services distributed across multiple servers from a central location on the network.

The Nutanix web-scale infrastructure solution is a strong complement for the distributed and scale-out architecture of Microsoft DFS namespaces. The combined solutions build on the strengths of both technologies to provide a unified namespace for file shares that spans multiple file servers and geographies. By scaling out the file servers and using a unified namespace, an administrator can effectively take advantage of the data locality and flash storage in each Nutanix node.

In addition, built-in Nutanix snapshot and replication solutions can protect DFS VMs and file share data. These features provide robust backup and disaster recovery capabilities for business-critical user data.

Download this technical guide to learn:

  • How to deploy file services on the same web-scale platform that hosts your key workloads.
  • Best practices for deploying Microsoft DFS.