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Save Money On Your Operations

With so many unknowns right now, companies are looking to reduce costs wherever they can without compromising the level of service. Budgets are being reduced and technology professionals are being asked to do more with less. The realistic approach to achieving this goal will be to invest in infrastructure that continuously optimizes resource usage and gradually reduces costs over time. You’ll also need solutions that identify cost leaks when they start, while also enabling strict cost governance. Fortunately, we have proven strategies to reduce costs in your data center, as well as across clouds.

Start With Your Datacenter

Legacy 3-tier data centers are not only complex, they can also be costly. Spending a ton upfront on a variety of IT products that then need to be configured and tested is not ideal. Hyperconverged Infrastructure, or HCI, combines compute, storage, networking and virtualization into a single, software-driven solution. This approach provides you with a more cost effective ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model.

As an HCI pioneer, we help you eliminate the cost of purchasing and managing separate IT components. We offer subscription-based software licenses that can be used with a wide variety of different server and appliance configurations. Our built-in, license free hypervisor helps you significantly reduce virtualization costs. Not to mention, our TCO modeling provides the true cost of running your private cloud - including hardware, software, power and cooling, data center infrastructure, and IT admin salary costs. IDC found that Nutanix customers achieved an average TCO savings of 62% over a 5-year time period.

Looking Beyond the Private Cloud

It's likely that your organization is pursuing a hybrid cloud approach, taking advantage of both public and private cloud capabilities. And we want you to save money in both environments. We can help you run your workloads where they are the least expensive - adjusting in real-time as things change. But what about budget management? Managing your cloud consumption in a single cloud with limited visibility is challenging enough. Managing it across multiple clouds can be an even bigger headache. Without cost management guardrails in place, your cloud spending can quickly get out of hand. We can help you get rid of unused resources, re-size underused resources, and help you drive financial accountability in your organization.

How to Get Started

Test Drive Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Manage your entire infrastructure from a single dashboard at home. Spin up VMs, configure storage, and provision and deploy applications with one click.

Save 35% or More on Your Cloud Spend

Realize immediate savings by improving resource sizing, eliminating “zombie” instances, and making intelligent reserved instance (RI) purchases. Enjoy a free 14-day trial!

What Customers Are Saying

“Being able to modernize all of our IT infrastructure, improve application reliability and performance, and ease ongoing management – all while saving the university a huge amount of money – is more than any college president could ask for!”

– Dr. Marilyn Fore, President, Horry-Georgetown Technical College

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