Welcome to Nutanix from your Customer Success Team

Your Customer Success Team

Welcome to Nutanix from your Customer Success Team.

To make your start with Nutanix as easy and as hassle free as possible, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Samar Almaaroufi

Customer Success Representative

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With a rich background in sales and customer success roles, my career journey has been centered on direct client interactions. My focus has consistently been to ensure that our clients not only receive but maximize the value of our products and services.

Weaam Armaly 

Customer Success Representative for Saudi Arabia

Coming with a background of Sales Development and full sales cycle with customer in the Middle East. Since my first day, together with my team in the Barcelona Hub and many others around the Middle east have been focused on ensuring a positive experience with Nutanix for our customers and assuring that they are getting the value from our services and products.

Rami Assaad

Customer Success Engineer

I have joined Nutanix in June 2022. Coming from a solid background in infrastructure solutions, I am now ready to help our customers in their journey with Nutanix.

Hiba Ayoub

Customer Success Representative for Saudi Arabia

Passionate about technology and determined to help our customers achieve their business objectives and get the best experience while dealing with us. I am currently based in Barcelona and handling the Saudi market.

Said Badran

Customer Success Representative for Digital Engagement

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Devoted to technology and committed to aiding our customers in reaching their business goals while ensuring an exceptional experience in their interactions with us, I am presently situated in Barcelona, overseeing operations in the Saudi market. My focus is on assisting customers in harnessing the power of cloud technology.

Artun Bingol

Customer Success Representative for Sub Saharan Africa

I work vigorously to earn customer trust and obsess over my customers. While doing it, I bring my 12+ years of professional experience in IT businesses, along with my personal interest in technology. I am currently working for the Customer Success team, assisting with our product utilization, and adoption. 

Diana Costa

Manager Customer Success

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I am Happy Nutant since 2021. Throughout my career, I have consistently held customer-facing roles, specializing in Sales and Customer Success. At present, I have the privilege of leading a highly skilled team dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction and delivering seamless experiences. 

Isabella Dolbakian

Customer Success Representative

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Crafting tailored solutions, fostering lasting partnerships and serving as our customers’ advocate is what I love doing mostly about my job. I’m working with our amazing internal teams, channel partners to provide the best customer experience by ensuring product utilization, product adoption, and renewals.

Mohamad El Eter

Customer Success Representative for Saudi Arabia

Communicating and building relationships with customers is my passion. The reason? I like to help them get the promised value and ensure the best customer experience. In the heart of Barcelona, we work on helping our customers in the emerging markets simplify their IT infrastructure and cloud strategy.

Abdelrahman Essam

Customer Success Representative for North Gulf & Levant

Having more than a decade of experience in cloud architectures, I have explored unlimited Enterprise environments while working at some of the leading Private and Public cloud vendors, and now it makes sense to help you land the platform that brings the best of all worlds, Nutanix.

Omry Heskiya

Customer Success Representative for Israel, Turkey and the MED

With over 15 years in Sales and customer facing positions in various multinational, cross culture environments - “People First” is my absolute mantra. Building and strengthening relationships, open and transparent communication and customer satisfaction are the base of my doing.

Erik Löfvenberg

Customer Success Representative

With more than five years of experience in the tech industry, I am knowledgeable and passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals and maximizing their return on investment. I look forward to working with you and helping you succeed with Nutanix!

Ali Mansour 

Manager Customer Success

I am taking my current position at Nutanix after I covered sales for South Gulf and Pakistan for the past two years. I will rely on my 20 years of experience in the emerging markets to bring the best value to my customers while aiming to elevate the results, relations, and operational efficiency to new heights.

Sehar Jawaid Mirza

System Engineer - Customer Success

I joined Nutanix as a fresh graduate and now have spent over 3 years in this company. Whether its been sales; my previous position, or customer success engineer; my current postion - one thing that makes me sleep well at night is knowing that I helped our customers reach their full potentional using our technology!

Nader Nemer

Customer Success Representative for Digital Engagement

In this position, I am offering my customer service skills to make sure Nutanix customers are successful. My responsibilities to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and to exceed their expectations through renewal of Nutanix products.

Youssef Abouzahra

Customer Success Representative for Digital Engagement

🇦🇪 🇺🇸 🇪🇸

Originally from Egypt, I've lived in Saudi Arabia and the UAE before settling in Barcelona. With a background in marketing, my focus has consistently been on delivering value to customers. This commitment remains strong as I continue to ensure Nutanix customers receive the best possible value, guiding them toward success and excellent customer experience.

Mehdi Senagria

Director Customer Success EMEA

After 14 years working in IT Sales I have decided to pivot my career towards Customer Success. Working closely with our customers, helping them to get the best of our solutions, finding ways to find financial optimizations and making sure they can develop with the support of Nutanix is what is driving me every day. 

Sam Stanley

Customer Success Representative for Digital Engagement

I have worked in IT / Tech sales since 2015 which has given me the skills and tools to be successful as a CSR. I really enjoy making and building relationships with customers and helping them understand and utalise Nutanix.

Kirsty Wright

Senior Customer Success Representative for Digital engagement

I have the pleasure of working with a diverse team of very talented individuals from all corners of EMEA, to be a trusted advisor to both our customers and channel partners. Please feel free to reach out to me, I am happy to help with any questions or queries that you may have.


Customer Success Learning Plans

The Customer Success Learning Plans (CSLP) provide a comprehensive set of resources, including courses, videos, and documentation, carefully prepared by Nutanix Customer Success to guide customers on their Nutanix journey.

The resources cover a range of topics, such as the Nutanix Support Portal, AOS, Prism Element Basics, and Prism Central. Whether you're new to Nutanix or looking for a refresher, these learning plans are designed to cater to your needs.

The CSLP document serves as a practical guide, providing clear instructions on how to make the most of the available materials. Within the document, you will find direct links to enrol in Nutanix's specially designed courses for our valued customers. Additionally, Nutanix has curated a collection of videos that have been selected to enhance your knowledge and expertise in the field.

By using the CSLP, you can power up your understanding of Nutanix and maximise your Nutanix experience.



Onboarding & Adoption Events

These live virtual events are designed to help you set up and become familiar with your Nutanix products. You’ll have the chance to ask us any questions about how to use them in your environment.

Go To Production

Get an overview of your new Nutanix platform; with tips & tricks you’ll find useful for everyday tasks, optimisation options and more.

Technical know-how

Discover Nutanix solutions, from an entry-level demo to the technical deep dive, there is something for everyone with our bootcamps and solution workshops or webinars.

Nutanix University

At Nutanix University, the choice is yours. Our offering helps you create a mix of classroom and online training, so you can learn at the pace you want. With multiple levels of training and certification, you can build a learning and development path that expands your skills and experience. Whether your focus is multi-cloud infrastructure, end-user computing, or database services, there's a path that fits your goals.

Nutanix User Group


The information hub for Nutanix users


More and more corporations, blue-chip & mid-sized companies and authorities are working on our Hyperconverged Infrastructure [HCI] platform. To get the most out of our infrastructure, it can be beneficial to exchange ideas with other Nutanix users.


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Customer Stories

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Join our reference program and take the opportunity to showcase how you’ve implemented Nutanix into your business and the successful benefits you have received.  

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