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Nutanix Financing Solutions

Leverage Enhanced Financing Solutions to support your business continuity including: 180-day deferred payment, customizable payment plans, cash trade-in of existing assets, and more.

For qualified customers and subject to regional availability

Nutanix Financing Solutions

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Payment Structuring

Help fund your IT initiatives. With a payment plan from Nutanix Financial Solutions, you can conserve capital and still acquire the solutions and services you need to run your business.

Consumption Models

Offered through Nutanix Financial Solutions set new standards in the IT industry when it comes to flexibility and choice. Our consumption models include options with no up-front commitments and granular units of measure down to the Core, HDD, and SSD.

SW Leasing

Provide Nutanix customers with the opportunity to optimize their tax treatment. Before entering into a leasing transaction, customers should consult with their accounting and legal advisors.

Asset management and ITAD

Nutanix Financial Solutions offers a wide range of Asset management and ITAD services such as; consignment offerings, certified data erasure, and disposal of assets.

Please be sure to revisit the Nutanix Financial Solutions homepage to learn about current promotions we are running.

Changing tides in accounting rules and financial reporting standards require a different business objective from your technology vendors. No longer is the conversation simply about the technology and the output of that technology. Nutanix Financial Solutions, with it’s wide range of portfolio options, will help solve for your desired business outcome.

Please reach out to your Nutanix Sales Representative for more information.

Payment Options

Employ your assets
Flexible payments allow you to acquire the Nutanix solution you need now, and pay for it over time, while it generates revenue.

Optimize business benefits
Qualified applicants can bundle hardware, software, installation and services into one contract, which streamlines the invoice and accounting processes.

Enhanced financial performance
Monthly payments can be fixed at the onset of the agreement to align with future revenue. Which simplifies and improves forecasting, budgeting and back-office tasks.

By paying for your Nutanix solution as you use it, you can better employ your working capital and let your technology assets help build your bottom line.

Use a payment plan from Nutanix Financial Services to:

Preserve capital for business needs

Allow your capital to work for you instead of tying it up in non-revenue generating needs.

Tailor payments to your budget requirements

Don't let your budget dictate your IT needs. We can help you structure a customized payment solution to align with your budget to get the technology you need today.

Control cash-flow

Have predictability in where and when your capital is used.

Leverage easy upgrade opportunities

Needs change, and upgrades occur. Rather than a large capital expense during those times you can slightly raise your predictable monthly spend by adding upgrades into an on-going payment solution..

Cover the total solution with one payment plan

Your technology solutions are complex, your procurement and payments don't need to be. Allow NFS to simplify your procurement by creating a payment solution to encompass your total project.

Asset Buy-Back

Who is Procurri?

Procurri is a data center lifecycle management company that focuses on extending the life of our client’s data center assets via end of life maintenance and support, legacy hardware fulfillment, and data center services.

What is the Buyback Program?

Nutanix has entered into a partnership with Procurri to run a joint Buyback Program for legacy IT infrastructure in conjunction with a Nutanix purchase.

As a Nutanix account executive, you will be able to present a legacy hardware buyback offer to your customer that will add a potential funding source and ROI to your proposals.

The payment, title transfer, and logistical details of the buyback will be managed by Procurri.

What equipment is eligible for buyback credit?

Procurri focuses on legacy servers, storage, and networking infrastructure from all Tier 1 OEMs.

What information is needed to obtain a quote?

Send the details below to your regional rep.

  • Make/model
  • Configuration details (drive type, # of drives, etc)
  • Overall condition
  • Location of the equipment
  • When the equipment will be ready for pickup
  • Customer name

What other services can Procurri provide?

  • Data Center move – rack & stack, lift & shift
  • Data Migration assistance
  • Short-term maintenance on existing infrastructure if needed during deployment
  • Rentals & swing gear during planning and deployment to eliminate downtime


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