Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank Improves Business Agility to Stay Steps Ahead of Competitors 

Scalable Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure provides a springboard for digital transformation 


Financial Services


  • Flexible, extensible hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) enhances business agility to meet new competitive challenges 
  • Reduced processing time of anti-money laundering (AML) system from 3000 seconds to 500 seconds 
  • Improved performance of extract transform load (ETL) processes by 500 percent 


  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS 
  • Nutanix Prism Pro management software 


  • Electronic archiving, settlement facilitation, data distribution, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) system 
  • Performance, precision marketing, consumer points, data warehouse, ETL batch processing 


In today’s competitive financial services environment, business agility is essential to keeping pace with fast-changing consumer demands and digital disruptors. To forge a foundation for comprehensive digital transformation, Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank migrated to an HCI based on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. “Compared to traditional legacy IT infrastructures, it’s obvious that Nutanix’s HCI excels in both security and reliability, which is essential for the financial banking industry,” said Wang Wenchao, General Manager, IT Department at Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank. “Just one month after the rapid implementation of the new IT infrastructure, it has demonstrated outstanding advantages in efficiency, flexibility, and usability. Its one-click management capabilities enable our IT department to minimize routine operation and maintenance tasks. Nutanix provides a concrete foundation for the next phase of Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank’s digital transformation.” 

Compared to traditional legacy IT infrastructures, it’s obvious that Nutanix’s HCI excels in both security and reliability, which is essential for the financial banking industry.

Wang Wenchao, General Manager, IT Department at Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank


As digital transformation sweeps the globe, banks increasingly rely on their IT infrastructures to support their most essential business processes. Maintaining an IT infrastructure that is steps ahead of competitors is a critical corporate strategy.

Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank is continually developing and adding new financial services applications. To support these new operations, its processing capabilities as well as the scalability of its back-end storage are expected to measure up to higher standards. At the same time, the bank’s growing business has created new demands in terms of the stability and security of its IT infrastructure. To address these challenges Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank launched a corporate initiative to drive digital transformation. 


To upgrade its environment from a traditional legacy IT infrastructure, Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank migrated to an HCI based on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. This flexible, scalable solution delivers a powerful combination of high usability, a simplified interface, and robust security. 

Flexible and agile, the solution helps the bank position itself to support its strategic digital transformation initiative. Providing dependable, worry-free operation, the new infrastructure lets the bank take advantage of improved efficiency and flexibility. The organization can easily keep pace with escalating business demands, while keeping its critical processes running smoothly—without impacting its daily operations and maintenance. 


The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud has enabled Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank to dramatically enhance the availability, stability, and scalability of its IT infrastructure to meet today’s challenges. The Nutanix solution supports a wide range of banking operations in a smooth, safe and stable manner. The solution powers provincial headquarter-driven applications with strict requirements on system stability and data security, such as electronic filing and settlement facilitation. It also supports the bank’s homegrown point reward system applications, data warehouse systems, ETL batch processing, and other processes that place high demands on storage elasticity and scalability. The new infrastructure has delivered significant benefits in process simplification, efficiency perfection, cost savings, and more. 

Just one month after installation, Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank was able to reduce the processing time of its anti-money laundering (AML) system from 3000 seconds to 500 seconds—a six-fold improvement in efficiency. The bank has also improved performance of its extract transform load (ETL) processes by 500 percent. 

The Nutanix one-click visual management capabilities have significantly reduced the IT workload in daily operation and maintenance tasks, freeing the team to focus on enhancing its processes and systems, and evaluating and deploying more innovative IT applications. 


Inspired by its collaboration with Nutanix, Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank has completed a comprehensive upgrade of its IT infrastructure, establishing a strong foundation for digital transformation. Continuing its commitment to this strategy, Zhejiang Wenling Rural Commercial Bank plans to continue to build on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, with initiatives to implement a disaster recovery solution and strengthen security for several business-critical applications.