TRIS Corporation Adopts Technology-Driven Strategy to Transform the
Organization with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS


TRIS is a consulting company who is responsible for helping organizations innovate including national government agencies and private sector companies.


Business Consultant & Rating

Business Need

  • Transform to a digital organization
  • Change the system to 100% Unified
  • Communications with Skype communication
  • Decrease the amount of time it takes for upgrades and costs


  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS with AHV
  • Prism
  • Application support for Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft-Exchange


  • Reduce datacenter footprint from 2 racks to 1 block
  • Save up to 40% of power
  • Time-saving: takes only 15 minutes to install 10 units ofservers
  • Reduce the cost of hypervisor investment and maintenance
  • Broaden and develop a new range of services


TRIS Corporation (TRIS) is a well-respected consulting company for private and public sectors. Its subsidiary company, TRIS Rating Co., Ltd. (TRIS Rating), provides rating services that are considered a key pillar of Thai bond market development. The company’s priority is to enhance their service level as technology is transforming the way of doing business. This requires agility, accuracy and reliability to assure customer confidence in order to develop new services and expand collaboration with partners.

Many factors need to be considered as they pose critical challenges to the transition including technology optimization, cost of investment, integration timing, IT system transformation, employee mindset, investment and a seamless operating system during implementation.

“Information Technology (IT) can drive our business potential to the next level. Running a business requires a supportive operating system and decision-making process which cannot run without an effective IT system. TRIS is transitioning to becoming a fully digital organization.” said Dr. Waitune Pokachaipat, President, TRIS Corporation Limited. “To succeed, we need to invest in technology and depend on innovation that optimizes time, is cost-effective and allows our employees to grow within the organization. Future-proof IT infrastructure is a key priority.”


TRIS analyzed existing solutions and selected the one that is most suitable for the company for hardware and software support as well as supporting mixed-workload capabilities such as MS Exchange, Skype for Business, and Commvault. Once they experimented with a version of Nutanix AHV and Prism Software on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, they discovered that Nutanix delivered the ideal IT system development which is easy-to-manage and cost-effective.

“Planning out a comprehensive IT infrastructure is highly important. The first phase of our transformation began with digitizing the whole company’s communication
system by replacing our legacy stack with Skype for Business running on a high-speed wireless network. We expect to achieve a 100% complete for Unified
Communications System within a month without any system interruptions and our employees will feel zero impact during the transition.” said Mr. Annop Dumrongpanichakit, Senior Vice President, IT and Digital Solution, TRIS Corporation Limited.

In 2017, TRIS installed 6 nodes of NX-1000 to create a virtual environment for Skype for Business which demands a large number of servers and a connection between TRIS, TRIS Rating, backup storage, and MS Exchange.


Reduction of Datacenter Footprint

“When Skype is running on Nutanix, we are able to save additional costs and reduce the datacenter footprint from 2 racks to one block (2U) which basically saves up to 40% of power. Also, it only takes 15 minutes to install 10 units of virtual servers” added Mr. Annop. “Our employees are very satisfied with the results as they are able to work anytime and anywhere without having to rely on IT experts. At the same time, our technicians have the time to focus on delivering more creative solutions that will further drive our transformation. Nutanix’s complete package offers Acropolis Hypervisor which is a built-in virtualization that allows us to eliminate hypervisor investment and maintenance costs.”

Flexibility and One Click Upgrades

Nutanix’s flexibility allows scalability and pay-as-you-grow economics throughout the entire platform and the ability to manage everything with just one click. The trial version is available in experimental environment where everyone can explore more about the solution, having zero risk of downtime and get the system secured and protected from failures.


TRIS is planning to build TRIS’s and Tris Rating’s Disaster Recovery Site, which will create a real-time recovery site and further support the company’s development to include a wide range of applications and solutions in the future.

We need to transform the entire company if we are going to do it properly. It is necessary to have a reliable, responsive platform and experienced IT professionals. Nutanix offers back-end technology which is a single solution that helps us plan our spending accurately. It also works with other solutions collaboratively, so we can accelerate business growth.

Dr. Waitune Pokachaipat President TRIS Corporation Limited.