Korea Fashion Company Taejin International Achieves Business Continuity With Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

100% service availability for customers at all times leads to superior customer experience.




  • Improved customer experience through 100% service availability and 24/7 stable infrastructure operation
  • Reduced TCO over 5 years by 22% and improving ROI by 20% due to higher datacenter operational cost-savings
  • Simplified overall datacenter management with Nutanix Prism’s centralized, single pane of glass management



  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Backup of Centralized Document Access


Taejin International operates a number of leading fashion brands including LOUIS QUATORZE and TRAVEL MATE in over 120 stores across 12 countries. After deploying Nutanix on private cloud, it has successfully transitioned into a hybrid cloud model and is today well optimized for all their business-critical applications.

Through Nutanix’s pay-as-you grow model, Taejin International can now scale easily in advance to accommodate high fluctuations in global online and offline transactions during peak promotional seasons. It also improved customer experience by ensuring business-critical operations, like online shopping platforms, achieve 100% uptime through Nutanix’s robust performance and high availability.

Working with Nutanix’s trusted partner Shinsegae I&C, who provides professional maintenance services, Taejin International is fully confident in mapping out their future growth needs of the business to its infrastructure needs.

The Nutanix enterprise cloud software platform has helped us keep our business constantly running 24/7 and minimize operational and maintenance costs. We plan to migrate all our infrastructure to Nutanix to embrace reliability, efficiency and scalability needed for rapid business growth

Lee Sang-Jun, director of IT strategy at Taejin International