MOFSL Optimizes Business Operations Using Nutanix Enterprise Cloud


Financial services


  • 60% faster application deployment
  • 30% reduction in CPU and memory utilization per VM resulting in better VM consolidation, when they migrated to Nutanix
  • 75% reduction in datacenter footprint
  • 50% reduction in power and cooling
  • Time savings for IT team to focus on innovation than just ensuring the lights are on


  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform
    • Nutanix AHV
    • Nutanix Xtract
  • Applications
    • Online trading platform, MO Investor
    • Mobile applications and other critical high-performance databases


“Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform has increased our application deployment speed, enhanced our VM consolidation, and already registered 3X improvement in distributed database queries. All of this while reducing our overall IT costs, and significantly improving the ease of monitoring and managing the entire infrastructure.”

– Pankaj Purohit, Executive Vice President & Head of IT, MOFSL

“Our IT staff is happier – they have saved multiple weekends… Nutanix software and hypervisor upgrades were performed during week days using the 1-click upgrade feature, saving weekends for other infrastructure activities.”

– Sehul Shah, Vice President of IT, MOFSL


Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited (MOFSL) offers a range of financial products and services and caters to a large clientele. Founded in 1987, the Motilal Oswal group has forged a strong reputation in trading and financial services over the last three decades. Through its focus on customer-first attitude, ethical and transparent business practices, research-based value investing, and leveraging technology, MOFSL has emerged as a financial services powerhouse serving customers across the country.

The financial services sector is highly competitive, dynamic and technology-driven. Its core IT systems are essential for success and a key competitive differentiator.

Thanks to rapid growth, datacenter expansion and scalability was a business imperative. Smooth operations, timely and effective IT resource provisioning, and simple IT infrastructure management are critical. In addition, MOFSL wanted to ensure the availability, security, and easy management of its databases – an invaluable asset for the business.

“Being enablers for business, it was imperative that we significantly enhance our ability to manage IT resources without incurring high investments upfront,” said Pankaj Purohit, Executive Vice President & Head of IT, MOFSL.

Other key objectives included future-proofing the IT infrastructure to ensure scalability and performance, so that current applications keep pace with business growth and new applications have a ready infrastructure available whenever needed.


MOFSL was looking for an IT system that would run efficiently in the background without the IT team having to worry about the underlying technology. It was time to make the infrastructure invisible. This solution needed to be cost-effective and future-ready.

In the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, MOFSL found just the solution that met their requirements, and decided to move all their virtual machines to the Nutanix Platform. Nutanix’s Xtract migration tool made the migration task simple and seamless. Deploying Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure together with Nutanix AHV, a built-in virtualization solution, the IT team delivered huge performance benefits and readies MOFSL for the multi-cloud world.

Nutanix Prism also provides MOFSL with simple, centralized management, which utilizes machine-learning techniques to support predictive analysis and automated data movement.

Purohit affirms that “the Nutanix solution underpins our service delivery to business. Several business-critical applications today run on the Nutanix platform, including our in-house trading platform, our CRM application “Saathi”, and other critical high-performance databases. Our online trading application, MO Investor, developed in-house, and our mobile application also runs on the Nutanix platform.” Purohit also reported that “our migration to the new environment was extremely smooth, thanks to Xtract.”


It was a smooth migration to the new platform. “Following the rollout of Nutanix, MOFSL has seen 60% faster deployment of applications. There has been 3X improvement in distributed database queries and 30% average reduction in CPU and memory utilization per VM (virtual machine), resulting in better VM consolidation. This is all in addition to the, benefits of a single management console, effective infrastructure utilization and performance monitoring with minimum human efforts to manage infrastructure,” Purohit pointed out.

Nutanix shrank MOFSL’s physical datacenter footprint, resulting in 50% savings in power costs, and man hours savings of 70% time in management, monitoring and operations. The integrated hypervisor resulted in additional savings as a single resource can handle the complete platform, freeing up resources for development and other business activities.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software combines compute, storage, and virtualization, as well as providing monitoring and analytics, allowing for further business optimization. It enables MOFSL to be more efficient, with practically no limitation on scalability, a key requirement as MOFSL optimizes its future growth model.

Nutanix allows MOFSL to utilize its “pay-as-you-grow” feature to meet growth requirements. Also by selecting the Nutanix AHV Hypervisor, MOFSL is able to reduce the license costs for virtualization. MOFSL is now able to run business-critical applications without worrying about scalability or performance issues.


The ability of the Nutanix platform to respond effectively to increasing workloads has helped MOFSL register all around improvements. There are built-in redundancies to protect critical databases, and applications and web servers from failures.

“Our IT staff is happier – they have saved multiple weekends by migrating virtual machines using simple to use Nutanix Xtract, with minimum application downtime during the cutover. Nutanix software and hypervisor upgrades were performed during weekdays using the 1-click upgrade feature, saving weekends for other infrastructure activities,” added Sehul Shah, Vice President IT, MOFSL.