Building a New Data Center and Going All in with Nutanix

The healthcare industry has undergone rapid transformations over the last decade, making it difficult for many companies to keep up with the changes. Large healthcare providers, like Moda Health, have had to prioritize spending to keep their complex environments secured. This has meant we’ve postponed some areas that might otherwise have been considered higher priorities to meet regulations changes, establish policies and procedures, and maintain relationships with vendors.

I’ve been in IT for nearly three decades, but I am a recent addition to Moda Health, having joined the company in 2019. My arrival occurred not long after the financial floodgates opened to start finally prioritizing changes to the IT infrastructure that were long overdue. Hired to be the Senior Network Systems Administrator, I had a lot of work ahead of me, particularly as they had already started projects.

Then the pandemic hit. In addition to needing to manage the client end, Moda Health needed a practical solution to allow the majority of our staff to work remotely. Having put off upgrading the infrastructure for a few years, the IT department found itself with a lot of unplanned work.

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