Nutanix’s HCI Primes M1 Workforce for Digital Future

Nutanix Reduces Complexity to Empower IT Department, Improving Productivity by 30%


Service Providers


  • Legacy server-storage architecture under pressure from transaction volume and unable to support future business growth
  • Reduce time to deployment and complexity in management of datacenter
  • Improve manpower efficiency of IT resources


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

  • Acropolis Software
  • Acropolis VM storage
  • Nutanix backup and disaster recovery


  • MS SQL
  • Citirix XenApp
  • CRM
  • File and print services
  • Test and development workload


M1 saw immediate improvements in productivity of between 20 to 30 percent, and cost savings between 10 to 15 percent. “The upgrade process is much simpler and only takes half a day, so much less time is wasted on planning or having to think about compatibility. You don’t need to schedule for a maintenance team – 1-click and it’s all done,” said Terence Lee, Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure, Virtualization and Cloud Computing. “You also get much better density with hyperconvergence, which also leads to increased savings – we turned on compression and gained between 2X to 3X more capacity.”

Beyond more effective usage of manpower and reduced training requirements, M1 has also benefited from increased reliability and disaster recovery functions. “In the current regulatory climate, which puts data storage and management under a whole new level of scrutiny, it’s a good bonus,” Lee said.

Nutanix consultants demonstrated excellent product knowledge and were integral to the success of our first launch, which we completed in just two days. Afterwards, with the team trained, we were able to take things inhouse – but Nutanix was always there to offer support and best practice guidance to ensure we had no hiccups.

Terence Lee, Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure, Virtualization and Cloud Computing