Goldmine Stocks Cuts Downtime, Costs and Complexity

Nutanix enables sharp improvement in uptime for data center and mission-critical applications



Financial Services


  • 60% reduction in data center footprint and 50% reduction in utilities bill
  • 30% reduction in CPU and memory utilization per VM resulting in better VM consolidation
  • Time savings for IT team to focus on innovation instead of ensuring the lights are on


  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS
  • Nutanix AHV
  • Nutanix Prism management software


  • Live applications for stock, commodities and derivatives trading
  • Database for back-office applications
  • Exchange Windows software routers for trading applications
  • Automated billing applications
  • Back office applications including client registration and portfolio tracking


Indian stockbroking and financial services company Goldmine Stocks Pvt Ltd was able to consolidate all their hardware silos and applications seamlessly on one Nutanix platform in just 2 days. The benefits are felt immediately when its customer-facing trading applications and other mission-critical applications have considerably improved uptime and high availability.

“We used to run six racks of equipment but after we deployed the Nutanix platform, we were able to reduce it to two racks,” said Anubhav Mehta, Head of IT at Goldmine Stocks Pvt Ltd. “The Nutanix platform has also improved uptime for our applications and reduced downtime of our DC. My team used to be completely absorbed in maintaining independent hardware. Now they are free to concentrate on applications monitoring, analytics and many other initiatives for new and ongoing deployment and testing, productive work which was simply not possible earlier. Nutanix’s single-click upgrade has saved our weekends.”

Our partner, 7Array Solutions played an important role in realizing this project for Goldmine Stocks. The flexibility and scalability of Nutanix’s “pay as you grow” model is a great fit to the company and will help pave the way for Goldmine Stock’s future IT roadmap.

We used to run six racks of equipment but after we deployed the Nutanix platform, we were able to reduce it to two racks... Nutanix’s single-click upgrade has saved our weekends.

Anubhav Mehta, Head of IT, Goldmine Stocks Pvt Ltd