Dokripmun Sets the Trend for Korea’s Fashion Industry with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Dokripmun ensured high availability of services in order to create strong and enriching customer experience.




  • Ensured high availability and reduced failover time by 2x
  • Improved infrastructure management by 60% and reduced TCO by 40%
  • Substantial business efficiencies: ERP performance improved by 3x and NAS performance by 5x
  • IT freed from maintaining infrastructures and can now focus on higher-value strategic initiatives



  • SAP
  • Oracle Enterprise DB
  • CRM, Groupware, POS, ERP


Founded in 1947, Dokripmun is the longest-serving fashion company in Korea through business diversification and acquisition, and has played a crucial role in establishing the Korean fashion industry. With prominent clothing brands such as PAT, ELLE SPORT and ELLE GOLF, the company currently operates more than 400 brick and motar stores and actively runs its online shopping business.

Centering around Nutanix HCI, Dokripmun worked with Shinsegae I&C’s software-defined datacenter (SDDC) to modernize its datacenter and established a foundation for its future-oriented business.

Dokripmun now runs its 300 retail stores in Korea on Nutanix HCI and is able to provide quality services with high availability to ensure maximum customer experience. The IT team has also reaped substantial benefits in cost-savings, ease of management as well as manpower efficiency.

Through Nutanix, not only have we built the next-generation infrastructure with flexibility, performance and stability and improved our aging IT infrastructure, we have strengthened our business adaptability to reinforce our online sales strategy to match the latest ecommerce trends, while improving our readiness to effectively respond to market volatility.

Choi Jun Youl, Chief Manager of IT team at Dokripmun


Today the fashion industry trends require an effective and flexible infrastructure that can create new markets and address the various needs of consumers through digital technologies such as big data analysis and artificial intelligence. Also, the retail industry must ensure high uptime of infrastructure due to the nature of how continuous operation of agile services including sales and delivery directly correlates with customer satisfaction.

Dokripmun’s current legacy infrastructure with its siloed environment makes it difficult to manage, upgrade and cater for newer technologies. The team sees bottlenecks frequently, with unexpected surges in demands and traffic hence slowing down customer services.


Dokripmun turned to Shinsegae I&C, the IT service arm of the renowned Shinsegae Group and a partner and an integrator of Nutanix to establish a private cloud environment.

“Dokripmun wanted to integrate its entire database to increase the speed of business transactions and provide continuous, non-disrupted services to its customers. This marked the first case in Korea to migrate legacy NAS to Nutanix Files, which resulted in improvement of performance by 5 times compared to legacy NAS. This enhancement signifies that Dokripmun can now increase the overall time to market, thereby getting a competitive advantage,” said Hyun Yoonsup, IDC team manager at Shinsegae I&C.

With Nutanix virtualization infrastructure solution, Dokripmun migrated its 15 physical servers to virtualization servers (P2V) and its systems from Unix to Linux (U2L). It also migrated all of its business systems Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to a virtualized environment.

For ongoing IT infrastructure operation, which is essential for retail business, the company deployed an effective maintenance system for failovers, supported with continuous operational service from Shinsegae I&C. “The extensive operational experience in retail and professional management capability from Shinsegae I&C supported us to flexibly cope with issues regarding surging infrastructure demands and speed slowdowns,” added Choi Jun Youl, chief manager of IT team at Dokripmun.


Dokripmun completed migration of its IT infrastructure to Shinsegae I&C’s SDDC with ease and speed through Nutanix VM. “With the help of Nutanix technology, we reduced migration time that would have taken at least one or two days if we had used other solutions. This allowed us to minimize the loss from business interference,” said Choi.

Ensured high availability and reduced failover time by 2x

Dokripmun has integrated its database in one with active-standby high availability through Nutanix Clusters solution. As failure that occurs in the integrated database affects its entire services, management was the most critical point to providing service continuity. It reduced failover time by twice from 42 seconds to 24 seconds on the integrated database and improved MySQL response by 4 times.

Improved infrastructure management by 60% and reduced TCO by 40%

Dokripmun vastly reduced the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). By migrating its existing aging infrastructure to Nutanix solution, it improved infrastructure management efficiency by 60% and reduced the number of racks to half. Since Nutanix virtualization technology does not require additional license costs, Dokripmun was able to reduce costs of additional deployment. Thus, it could reduce TCO by nearly 40%, measured for next five years.

Substantial business efficiencies: ERP performance improved by 3x and NAS performance by 5x

In addition to reduced cost, Dokripmun increased business productivity through Nutanix’ high-performance integrated virtualization technology. In Nutanix HCI based environment, its employees ran business critical workloads faster with improved ERP performance by three times and NAS performance by five times.

IT freed from maintaining infrastructures and can now focus on higher-value strategic initiatives

The high performance and simplicity of Nutanix have dramatically improved the day-to-day operation tasks for the IT and its employees. Time freed up can now be diverted to higher-value tasks focused on maximizing customer experiences with Dokripmun.

“Nutanix has saved us more than half our time in managing the infrastructure. We can now allocate our IT workforce to new projects that can create new values to strengthen our business capabilities,” said Choi.


Dokripmum hopes to partner with Nutanix to further its digital transformation strategy. The organization has plans to focus on its online shopping platform and introduce new customer services.

“With Nutanix’s solution, we expect to be more proactive in adopting the latest IT technologies that will drive customer satisfaction in the future,” said Choi.