Streamlining and Simplifying IT Infrastructure with Nutanix

Ryan Arnold, IT Director at Acumen LLC

Paperwork is a hassle, and very few people like doing it. That being said, it’s a necessary evil. But, sometimes, those of us who help others with paperwork need a little help of our own.

I’m Ryan Arnold, IT Director for Acumen Fiscal Agent. As a fiscal agent, we provide payroll and other fiscal services to our clients, who are people living with disabilities. Let’s say you have a disability, you receive money from the state for your care, and you want to hire someone to do that. Where do you start with the paperwork involved? That is where Acumen comes in. Wetake care of all the paperwork: the timecards, the payroll processing, and the reporting to the state, to name just a few.

I started with Acumen in 2012 as a help desk technician and worked my way up to IT director. Just around the time I stepped into my new role, we embarked on an overhaul of our IT infrastructure. It was absolutely necessary because our cumbersome tech was starting to weigh us down. It’s also an ongoing project, as we face the new realities of work during a global health crisis...

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