The Code of the Mariner: Helping our Partners assist Customers Caught in “A Perfect Storm”

By Dave Gwyn

February 13, 2024 | min

It starts as a surge. Vessels see the tide rising, far above standard. Then the radio chatter begins – over the horizon, fellow mariners are battling a storm. As the tide continues to rise, the urgency of the communications increases. This isn’t just any storm.

To lifelong sailors, storms at sea are just another day at work. But then there are the historic tempests; those in which a rare combination of weather systems unexpectedly collide, creating a life-threatening storm of a magnitude and fury that few could predict and in which many become entrapped.

It is in such an event that a code amongst mariners shifts competitors into lifelines for one another, seaworthy vessels navigating to those in distress, and amplifying and relaying signals from shore that help guide all to safer waters.

The enterprise virtualization market is in the midst of just such a tempest. Few would have predicted that, after decades of innovation, Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware would shift its utility to what some now consider a mere financial instrument for its acquirer.1

Still fewer would have predicted what for some could mean a tripling of license costs2 and an apparent disregard for the contributions of the channel to VMware’s past success. With Broadcom’s cancellation of the VMware service provider program3 and based on what many consider Broadcom’s track record regarding post-acquisition reductions in sales and channel support as well as R&D4, VMware customers and partners have unexpectedly found themselves in the midst of a perfect storm.

At Nutanix, we’ve never wavered from our firm belief in the value of the channel and that our partners’ success is critical to a strong Nutanix ecosystem. We recognize that, in a storm like many providers face today, true partnership can shine brightest even as it’s put to the toughest tests. We know partners amplify our signal, can be on scene to assist, and can help customers and fellow partners navigate the most challenging storm cells to Nutanix’s  safe waters.


Nutanix Surge helps partners and customers weather the storm 

Today, Nutanix announced the Nutanix Surge program, a special promotion that rewards partner organizations and individuals who successfully relay our leading cloud platform to select customers.

With Nutanix Surge, partners can unlock the highest level of incentives ever offered through our Elevate Partner Program. This includes the Nutanix Surge rebate, which can be combined with other Elevate Reseller Partner Program rebates provided all deal requirements are fulfilled. Further, Nutanix Surge can unlock an incentive for eligible individual sellers and sales engineers at partner organizations when closing eligible deals (assuming combined with other available Elevate Partner Program individual incentive programs). 

Nutanix Surge program highlights5:

  • Are you a new Nutanix partner? Nutanix Surge rewards are available to all resellers that are authorized to sell Nutanix.
  • Longtime Nutanix partner? Rewards can be higher based on your competency level in our Elevate Reseller Partner Program – and stackable with other Elevate incentives.
  • Are you a distribution partner? Get rewarded for successfully finding and onboarding target partners to Nutanix.

5 For full Nutanix Surge promotion terms and conditions, visit the Nutanix Partner Portal

Nutanix provides the tools partners need to chart the stormy seas

We have long prided ourselves on offering rich incentives and tools to our partners to ensure their success from Day 1. 

Navigating these stormy seas starts with each provider deepening their organization’s technical and services skills around the Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) solution. That’s why we’re providing free Nutanix University technical and services certification exam vouchers to resellers, service providers, and distributors authorized to sell Nutanix products and services through July 31, 2024. This means partners that are new to Nutanix can get upskilled quickly, while our existing partners can expand and advance their Nutanix skills. 

Get back underway with Nutanix 

With Nutanix Surge, our partner ecosystem can enjoy lucrative promotional incentives when they help select new customers find shelter from the uncertainty that exists in today’s volatile market. 

For new and existing channel partners, this moment presents an exciting opportunity to help customers successfully weather the storm and chart new courses. Contact us to find out more about how we value our partner ecosystem and provide a safe harbor to build a sustainable business that’s geared for long-term success.

Dave Pearson, Research Vice President at International Data Corporation (IDC) said, “Nutanix is investing in its partner ecosystem at a time when partners are looking to maintain and grow their business. Enterprise IT customers are facing uncertainty as the vendor landscape has shifted, and partners are integral to helping these organizations navigate new paths to hybrid multicloud success. Nutanix Surge is an important step in helping partners deepen their relationship with Nutanix.”

Start your journey to becoming a Nutanix partner today by filling out this form

Existing Nutanix partners can find more information about Nutanix Surge and the resources to help your organization learn, market and sell Nutanix by visiting the Partner Portal.

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