Nutanix Validated Designs: Blueprints for Success

By Ketan Mota

March 18, 2024 | min

Building a fully customized solution from scratch can be complicated. It requires researching various hardware and software products from multiple vendors and verifying that they offer everything you want and work together.

You must also make several detailed design decisions, then evaluate the complete solution for supportability, maintainability and scalability to ensure that it meets your operational needs, can adapt to changing requirements, and offers a compelling TCO and ROI.

At Nutanix, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. To provide the right solution for your needs, we offer various technical solution artifacts: Tech Notes (TN), Best Practices Guides (BPGs), Reference Architectures (RAs), and Nutanix Validated Designs (NVDs). The following graphic shows an overview of these document types and how they are related.

Pyramid of technical solution artifacts

Achieving Business Outcomes with Nutanix Validated Designs

Because choosing the right solution requires so many decisions, it helps to start with an opinionated full-stack solution – an NVD – and customize it to meet your specific needs.

NVDs combine hardware, software and professional services to build a complete package that is tested and validated in Nutanix labs. We have meticulously curated NVDs for focused sets of use cases and make precise design decisions to create an optimal solution. NVDs integrate products and best practices from Nutanix and our technology partners to holistically address your business challenges.

By achieving repeatable, predictable results, an NVD offers the fastest way to achieve your desired business outcomes. Validation eliminates guesswork and reduces risk, while clear design decisions, deployment guidance and professional services accelerate time to value.

An NVD is a unique collection of  invaluable assets that include the following: 

  • Design guide
  • Interoperability and functional validation
  • Performance and scalability testing
  • Software (code, supplemental scripts, blueprints)
  • Bill of materials, including SKUs for professional services
  • Sizing template
  • Analysis of TCO and ROI
  • Deployment guide

You can consume the NVD as-is and purchase the turnkey solution that it prescribes. You also have the option to use the NVD as a starting point and then customize it as needed to best suit your business. 

Triple Win

With NVDs, it's a win-win-win for customers, channel partners and Nutanix. 

  • Customers win by enabling them to achieve faster time to value and significantly reduce risk.
  • Channel partners win by quickly delivering impactful holistic solutions to customers with their own professional services if they desire.
  • Nutanix wins by serving customers more effectively, continuing to improve its world-class 90+ Net Promoter Score of customer loyalty and ensuring customer delight.

Nutanix Validated Design Portfolio

Nutanix has worked diligently to create an extraordinary portfolio of NVDs to address a broad range of business challenges. Since the first NVD launched in late 2021, we have built several additional NVDs, shown below.

Nutanix Validated Design Portfolio

These NVDs are available from Nutanix Tech Center, the Nutanix Solutions Architecture web page and the Nutanix Support Portal.

Customer Success Stories

Following are some examples of how customers have benefited from the various NVDs. 

  • Global Technology company based in North America wanted to accelerate its digital transformation and drive rapid innovation. The Hybrid Cloud On-Premises NVD and Database NVD mapped out solutions that enabled it to modernize its architecture and move away from a legacy three-tier infrastructure. The Nutanix solution offered a common platform for both traditional VM workloads and Red Hat OpenShift container workloads. The combination of NVD concepts, Nutanix Professional Services expertise, and collaboration with other technology and OEM partners created a compelling solution that empowered it to develop new products faster and respond with equal speed to the continually changing market landscape.

  • Global retailer based in EMEA was challenged with infrastructure silos resulting in operational challenges, scalability issues and inflexibility. They used the Hybrid Cloud On-Premises NVD to design their datacenter infrastructure in EMEA providing them the transformation into a cloud model offering them the flexibility, agility, and scalability. Nutanix platform eliminated infrastructure silos and addressed their operational challenges.  The success they experienced is like a blue-print which they intend to reuse and replicate for their other data centers globally. 

  • A large public sector organization in the Asia Pacific region has been a Nutanix customer for over 5 years. Nutanix is their trusted advisor and reliable partner. They made a strategic decision to build an Enterprise Private Cloud to deliver public cloud like services for its users. This was a massive undertaking, but NVD was key to quickly gain the team’s confidence with the design and approach. They used the Hybrid Cloud NVD, Unified Storage NVD and RedHat OpenShift NVD. Being able to architect and deploy as a tried and tested stack also helped to avoid guess work, again to accelerate time to value.


NVDs are the quickest way to achieve your desired business outcomes. Each NVD is a validated full-stack solution that is intended to reduce your risk through tested and verified configurations. By starting with an NVD and considering other solutions artifacts, you can leverage Nutanix expertise to quickly build a solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Visit our Solutions Architecture web page to find all the latest NVDs as well as our core set of solution artifacts.

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