Unleash your data’s true potential with Nutanix Unified Storage 5.0 and Nutanix Data Lens

By Santhosh Siruvole, Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Nutanix Unified Storage
Arjoyita Roy, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

June 3, 2024 | min

The Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS) 5.0 release brings the power of the unified data-services platform. With enhanced performance, linear scalability, and simplified global data management, NUS 5.0 is ready to handle any workload: data-intensive workloads such as AI/ML and Big Data Analytics, data on the cloud, or workloads that demand efficient on-premises storage. Experience the power of Nutanix Unified Storage and revolutionize your storage ecosystem to unleash your data's full potential no matter the deployment - File, Object, or Volume and no matter where the data is located - core, edge,  or cloud.

The challenge with unstructured data - Analyzing petabytes of medical imaging data, building predicting and forecasting models in finance, and enhancing public safety with facial detection are just some of the applications of Big Data Analytics and AI/ML. However, existing legacy storage systems struggle to cope with the exponential growth of unstructured data, often failing to deliver timely and meaningful insights. Moreover, managing storage deployed across the hybrid multicloud infrastructure can introduce several challenges like data fragmentation, performance bottlenecks, and higher management cost. To make matters worse, protecting globally distributed data from cyber threats and ransomware attacks is nearly impossible with disconnected, myriad security tools. 

The solution is to simplify your storage landscape. Nutanix Unified Storage 5.0 (NUS) offers a software-defined data services platform consolidating block, file, and object storage into a single high-performance, dense, and cost-optimized storage platform ideal for data-intensive workloads such as AI/ML and Big Data Analytics.  With ultra-fast read throughput and highly dense all-flash capacity per node, NUS  is scalable, flexible, and a unified global data management platform powering any workload no matter where the data resides - core, edge, or cloud.

NUS 5.0, along with the Nutanix Data Lens (NDL) SaaS-based data security solution, brings the latest innovations to the market, focusing on: 

Nutanix Unified Storage 5.0 General Availability


  • iSER supports powering data-intensive workloads - Embracing hardware-agnostic, software-defined storage, NUS streamlines the management of large datasets that require high sequential throughput and low latency, such as AI training workloads. NUS also empowers environments with 100GbE supporting resource-hungry AI/ML training workloads and effectively doubling sequential read throughput from storage, thereby increasing ROI on your GenAI investments.

  • High-capacity HPE hybrid nodes - NUS offers a software-defined storage platform with high-density nodes to meet the exponential growth in unstructured data. With a 40% increase in density, the platform is ideal for Archive, Backup, and Video Surveillance use cases. With 572TB per node, you can unlock the power of running analytics on the remote storage tier while scaling easily.

  • 32 maximum File Servers per single node - By increasing the utilization of all the physical nodes in a cluster for a single file server, NUS allows you to scale the file server when it is needed and where it is needed on the largest supported physical cluster. Also, you can match storage clusters with compute clusters to drive efficient utilization of the physical infrastructure.


  • Nutanix Central integration - Seamlessly manage Nutanix storage infrastructure across multiple Nutanix Prism Central (PC) instances. You can also utilize a single pane of glass to manage all your NUS environments deployed across on-premises or in the public cloud. With the Nutanix Central management console, NUS provides global data visibility into storage deployed across hybrid multicloud infrastructure.

  • Nutanix Files Storage available natively on AWS - Extend your storage seamlessly to the public cloud with an upcoming capability for native Files storage. Native Files storage on AWS will bring the NUS on-premises goodness to cloud storage with faster deployment, simple management with PC, flexible licensing, Smart disaster recovery  (DR), data tiering, and other data services. Use your existing AWS account to deploy Files storage on AWS while tiering less frequently used data to the S3 target

  • Replicate Nutanix Objects Storage data to AWS - Consolidate and replicate data from multiple on-premises sources onto an AWS S3 endpoint for running analytics, AI/ML models, etc. Achieve data resiliency with a hybrid cloud strategy from replicating data to an offsite Nutanix Objects Storage repository for secondary and to AWS S3 for tertiary DR Copy. Consistent management across on-premises and cloud without the need for procuring and learning new tools.


  • Policy-driven failover and redirection - Bring data closer to the user for faster application startups, and lower latency. Implement application-centric data recovery and failover strategies. Evaluate and test DR with reduced risk by individually redirecting a single policy.

  • Native data sync - Implement policy-driven replication of user profile data to help localize user data access to the location of the VDI session. Reduce cost and operational overhead by using native data synchronization. 

  • Nutanix Data Lens multi-region support - With the upcoming introduction of a Nutanix Data Lens (NDL) instance in Frankfurt, you can confidently utilize NDL while managing local compliance standards. This deployment empowers EU organizations to access all current NDL features including robust ransomware resilience and data analytics in furtherance of the evolving requirements of regulatory and industry frameworks such as DORA, NIS2, and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0.

  • Ransomware remediation for Nutanix Objects Storage - Reduce the impact radius of data threats to secondary data storage. Employ granular blocking ability of user access based on detected access keys. Proactively halt threats in their tracks to minimize risk.

To summarize, NUS is a comprehensive storage solution that is scalable, flexible, and resilient enough for your most data-intensive workloads. With NUS, there’s no need for multiple siloed solutions for each stage of the AI/ML workflow. You can seamlessly replicate and move the data across all locations and stages of the workflow, and manage all their storage infrastructure globally from a single SaaS-based user interface.  

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