Nutanix Customer Insight: Address IT Challenges with Hybrid Multicloud

By Nitika Jacob

June 28, 2024 | min

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, enterprise organizations are increasingly turning towards hybrid multicloud solutions to optimize and simplify their operations, save costs and enhance flexibility.

Standing at the forefront of this journey are Nutanix customers, whose responses to a survey provides an invaluable understanding of their business and IT pain points, expectations, and how Nutanix can address them.

This blog delves into hybrid multicloud initiatives through the lens of the diverse Nutanix customer base. These global enterprise companies bring a unique perspective and set of priorities to the table, shedding light on the key enterprise pain points, main use cases and benefits of hybrid multicloud solutions.

As enterprise IT continues to evolve, hybrid multicloud has emerged as an integral part of a solution that helps organizations navigate changes in IT operational models and the complexities they introduce, including:

  • Establishing clear visibility into resource consumption across locations, including edge, core data center and public clouds, is often the first step to a more efficient and optimized environment.
  • Ensuring time-to-value is an important focus area that defines the success of cloud migration projects. Fast and efficient workload migrations enable enterprises to quickly derive value from their cloud investments – such as from cloud commitment deals – and can significantly increase the likelihood of project success.
  • Incompatible platforms, processes and procedures create silos of interoperability that limit and delay application deployments. Eliminating operational complexity is crucial for a successful and efficient cloud.

Understanding these pain points highlights the critical importance of a seamless hybrid multicloud with capabilities that address evolving customer needs.

What our customers are saying

A Nutanix customer survey of 125 respondents highlights their most concerning challenges, what they value most from Nutanix, areas for improvement, and emerging market trends:

  • The requirement for simpler IT management in hybrid multicloud environments is a leading customer priority with 57% of respondents citing its importance. Consistent IT operations across environments can drive this simplicity, which has been a key focus for Nutanix. Our hybrid multicloud architecture provides this via:
    • A common software platform to eliminate any platform-specific inconsistencies, enabling common IT skills and toolsets for Day 0 through Day n IT operations.
    • Consistent UI, CLI, or APIs whether on-premises or in the public cloud.
    • Eliminating the requirement to procure licenses for each environment with portable Nutanix licenses.
  • 45% of customers cited how spikes in business demand can make capacity planning difficult, resulting in the need to run or move enterprise workloads to the cloud. Nutanix helps customers manage this with:
    • Clear resource forecasting and utilization visibility across environments, including for natively run cloud applications. Clear recommendations provide a simple way for IT teams to increase utilization and drive greater cost-efficiency.
    • Intelligent operations optimize capacity and automate operational tasks with ease and confidence to streamline burst to cloud operations.
    • Automated scale-out and scale-back with a common software platform across environments provides IT teams with simple workload portability.
  • 44% of Nutanix customers relayed that time-to-value is crucial when migrating to the public cloud. Customers with cloud commitments must meet their consumption agreements. Nutanix ensures a fast and efficient migration path to the cloud by delivering:
    • A common software platform that enables workloads to be migrated without any code changes.
    • Consistent network and security constructs across the hybrid multicloud that simplifies migrations and Day 2 operations.
    • Portable Nutanix licenses to ensure that organizations can maintain cost-efficiency as their hybrid multiclouds evolve, moving licenses to where they are required.

Moving forward

By addressing these key requirements, hybrid multicloud solutions can empower enterprises to navigate the world of modern IT landscapes.

Among the main use cases, Nutanix customers emphasized data recovery and workload backup as key priorities. With Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2), organizations that require the highest level of data protection when outages occur can easily permit IT to unify data centers and multiple public clouds for backup and disaster recovery.

This survey clearly shows how embracing a hybrid multicloud strategy offers organizations unparalleled flexibility, scalability and innovation. By unifying diverse cloud environments, organizations can optimize workloads, enhance security and drive greater cost-efficiency.

To learn more about how these initiatives are transforming IT infrastructure for Nutanix customers, we encourage you to take a look at the Nutanix Customer Insight: Hybrid Multicloud Initiatives infographic.

Stay ahead of the curve by implementing efficient strategies that harness the full potential of a hybrid multicloud solution. If you’re an existing Nutanix customer, make sure to join our customer advocacy community via Nutanix Connections.

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