Proactively Manage Your Infrastructure with New Nutanix Insights Capabilities

By Hitesh Shah

August 5, 2021 | min

It’s been a little over a year since we launched the Nutanix Insights™ service , and we’re thrilled that our customers are finding it useful to take a proactive approach to managing their environments. Insights ingests operational data provided by Nutanix’s Pulse™ telemetry system, allowing customers to log in and view critical information about their environments on the Nutanix Portal. Over half of Nutanix’s Pulse-enabled customers are now logging in to Insights, and approximately 87% of those Pulse-enabled customers are receiving email digests with discoveries about their environments that they can act on.

And, the results are impressive. We’ve heard from many of our customers that Insights helps them proactively get ahead of issues as well as plan their operational activities on an ongoing basis. More than half of the discoveries that have been created across all of our customers in the last 90 days have already been resolved. They were resolved mostly through self-service by our customers, and occasionally through support tickets to Nutanix’s Support Team. Customers adopting Insights have lowered their support case count by up to 33% and reduced time to resolution by up to 40% in many cases.

We’re always looking to improve though, and we’re constantly looking at customer feedback to see how we can make Insights even more effective for our customers. Based on what we’ve been hearing, we’ve recently released some new capabilities that make Insights even easier and more useful than ever before.

We heard from you that you wanted better ways to organize discoveries in terms of grouping of similar discoveries across assets, being able to manually mark discoveries as resolved, or simply ignoring some assets for the purposes of optimization (such as POC assets). All of these make for fewer but more actionable discoveries for easier consumption. Four main improvements that address this have been made to the Insights interface and associated email digests:

1. Email Digest Improvements

Grouping of discoveries into Critical, Needs Review, and Resolved instead of just a flat list allowing end users to easily spot and prioritize important action items.

Figure 1.

2. Grouping of Discoveries

For customers with a large number of assets, the dashboard is improved so that discoveries can be grouped together based on discovery title, recommendations, or assets. This allows users to get a quick overview of which recommendations to act on and prioritize remediation versus having to comb through each discovery individually to understand and act on it.

Figure 2.

3. Manually Mark Discoveries as Resolved

In case some of the discoveries that have already been resolved are still left open due to missed resolution events users can now manually mark them as resolved so they do not appear outstanding.

Figure 3.

Figure 4.

4. Ignore Assets

Users can now ignore demo and other assets that do not need to be actively monitored so as to reduce the number of discovery notifications they get. With this new capability, customers get less noise and more signal, increasing efficiency and focusing attention on production assets.

Figure 5.

We also heard that customers are looking to Insights as a comprehensive, easily exportable source of asset analytics including asset inventory, contract summary, and CPU/memory/storage utilization. Additional analytics are now available in Insights that can easily be exported in Excel format for further manipulation and reporting purposes.

1. Asset Analytics

Power analytics on asset inventory, contract summary, and CPU/memory/storage utilization.

Figure 6.

2. Asset Export

Get a detailed Excel export of inventory data by clusters, nodes, CPU, DISK, NIC, DIMM.

Figure 7.

With these new capabilities we hope you’ll find it even easier to get ahead of issues before they arise and get more out of your Nutanix investment!

Keep the feedback coming! Tell us how we’re doing by using the feedback feature on the Discoveries screen in the Insights UI, or engage with us through the Nutanix Community!

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