MEDITECH EHR Certified on Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platform

By Scott Fadden & Tapan Mehta & Jon Kohler
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We are super excited to announce that MEDITECH’s Healthcare Information System (HCIS) is now certified to run on Nutanix’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) software platform, an industry first within the MEDITECH ecosystem. This announcement is significant on several fronts:

  • Delivers performance and patient data protection exceeding MEDITECH’s performance SLAs, across MEDITECH Expanse, Client/Server, and MAGIC.
  • Simplifies deployment and administration by using the first and only MEDITECH solution to completely eliminate both Raw Device Mappings (RDM’s) and Storage Area Networking (SAN), while providing MEDITECH Backup Facilitator (MBF) integration.
  • Improves care provider productivity and significantly decreases risks with one-click operations and non-disruptive life cycle management.
  • Enhances patient privacy and data security with built-in security features such as data-at-rest encryption and microsegmentation.

Running MEDITECH on Nutanix provides unparalleled ease of use and flexibility with reduced IT footprint and cost. You can virtualize your entire MEDITECH environment on a single cost-effective, hyperconverged platform. Scaling is simple with Nutanix, allowing you to go from pilot to production and grow your business without redesigning your architecture or incurring downtime. To manage costs, you can pay as you grow your HCIS environment.

This certification is a result of collaboration among Nutanix, MEDITECH, BridgeHead, and CloudWave. This multi-party collaboration has allowed Nutanix to deliver the first and only MEDITECH solution to completely eliminate both Raw Device Mapping (RDM) and Storage Area Networking (SAN). This is made possible by Nutanix’s Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV), an enterprise-class virtualization solution that has no additional software components to license, install or manage. Under the covers, AHV presents direct block storage without SAN or RDM configuration.

Performance and Availability

With a fully distributed design and no single point of failure, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud exceeds the availability of traditional infrastructure without compromise. Should a hardware failure occur, the self-healing Nutanix architecture automatically restores full resiliency, reducing the risk of an outage, optimizing Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and shortening the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

Performance SLAs for HCIS platforms are always demanding and at Nutanix, we realize that there are absolutely no corners that can be cut in this arena of life-critical systems. We’ve taken the time to ensure that we’re delivering a high-performance MEDITECH solution, by leveraging the right combination of software, hardware, and ecosystem integration.


Our engineering-level MEDITECH relationship during the project allowed us to extensively profile our software running alongside MEDITECH’s workload, and directly make enhancements in a tight feedback loop. These lessons learned have been rolled into the product and into technical guidance to the MEDITECH hardware integrator community.

This collaboration, combined with Nutanix’s data locality, delivers consistently low read latency and linear scalability for system growth to adjust whenever MEDITECH’s Workload Volume (the unit of measurement) increases. As MEDITECH scales, Nutanix scales.


Our certified solution does not compromise on hardware performance. Using a combination of Intel® Xeon® Gold processors[1] and all-flash storage, powered by Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) storage devices mean consistently low write latency. This is important for MEDITECH, as write latency directly impacts clinical user experience. Customers can select from a list of pre-integrated hardware appliances such as Nutanix NX, Lenovo HX, Dell XC, and Intel Data Center Block (DCB) platforms.

Nutanix expects to take hardware performance even further for MEDITECH, with the introduction of Intel® Optane™ technology[2] NVMe devices, which will be introduced into our ecosystem in an upcoming release.

Prism also manages Nutanix Files, which is a highly available and scalable file services solution. Nutanix Files can be used to store scanned and archived storage data and other file data within a health network, such as PACS and VNA. Files can replicate data between sites to ensure availability during failover and recovery.

Nutanix deploys on enterprise-class server platforms, delivered as pre-integrated appliances. This approach eliminates ‘the matrix’ of determining hardware, software, and firmware compatibilities for both deployments and during normal operations.

Getting Started with Nutanix

More information about MEDITECH HCIS on Nutanix platform can be found here. To learn how Nutanix can help you move forward, contact Nutanix at, follow us on Twitter @nutanix, or send us a request at to set up your own customized briefing. More information about Nutanix’s healthcare solutions can be found at

We are thrilled to partner with MEDITECH, BridgeHead, and Cloudwave and look forward to our on-going partnership to address the healthcare organization’s present and future needs.

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