James Kenny on volunteerism and “What’s my why?

By George Davis

September 16, 2022 | min

“What’s my why?” is a series of employee profiles that introduces Nutanix employees all over the globe to colleagues that volunteer and support causes that are meaningful to them through our .heart program.  Employees like James use our  volunteer time off (VTO) to do good in the world, living the values of Hungry, Humble, and Honest, with heart!

James Kenny joined Nutanix back in 2017 on our UK Enterprise Sales Team.  James has championed our .heart efforts in Europe and has inspired many others to get involved.  What makes James stand out is that he has recruited fellow Nutanix employees to help with planning and executing initiatives ranging from a pub quiz to benefit the Global Foodbanking Network to (most recently) an epic 24 mile hike, raising donations for Muscular Dystrophy UK.  He’s even gotten the Nutanix partners and his personal networks involved with his activities, making the reach of Europe’s .heart activities even more impactful.  

What’s a cause you are passionate about? 

I don't have one single cause.  In building the EMEA .heart team, we’ve collectively chosen causes for the events we create and put on.  The latest cause we are supporting is Movember.  We had a huge showing last year, and this year we’ve identified a new challenge.  We’ve involved other countries to run a global Movember initiative.  At the end, we’ll share pictures, have a few laughs at these epic moustaches, and raise some funds for an important cause, Men’s health issues, including raising a general awareness of diseases like prostate, colon, and testicular cancers and men’s suicide.

How do you participate with .heart? 

 I lead the .heart Team in Western Europe.  I want to be sure to recognize the amazing champions that help and do the heavy lifts for each of these events.  In true Nutanix style, we look at .heart events as collaborations for good.  So many really want to (and enjoy) helping out on one or multiple events through the year.

Some of our EMEA Movember participants

Thanks to James for his heart. To learn more about our .heart Corporate Social Responsibility programs, visit our Social Responsibility page.