Ghady Moussa,
What's My Why?

By George Davis

April 3, 2024 | min
Ghady Moussa

Ghady Moussa is a Channel Partner Manager located in New York City.  Ghady has been with Nutanix over four years, and has had incredible success in growing her career at Nutanix. Ghady’s caring nature for causes and nonprofits that do some serious heavy lifting to help with some extraordinary life circumstances has been a highlight as I manage the .heart program.

In August of 2020, Beirut suffered a devastating explosion, and Ghady turned the idea into action.  She nominated a cause, organized a fundraiser to renovate five buildings and helped 56 families get back to their homes. Over $16,000 in donations were made to the Rashet Kheir (Arabic translation is a sprinkle of good) organization to cover material labor costs.  She even inspired a banner on the building highlighting the support Nutanix gave in helping to rebuild after the tragedy.  This story was featured in the Nutanix 2021 ESG report.  

But that’s not all Ghady has been up to over the past few years.    Here’s a part of a recent conversation we had with Ghady, as she shares her “why” in supporting causes she finds hope in supporting.

Ghady Moussa Beruit
Ghady Moussa Covenant House

Please share a cause you are passionate about?

Covenant House (New Jersey) (CHNJ) is one of the causes that resonates with me. I believe everyone deserves a chance to thrive, regardless of background or where they come from. CHNJ helps young people that are experiencing homelessness. And it isn’t just “in the moment” assistance they offer.  CHNJ takes it to the next level helping these kids move towards long-term solutions.  They offer programming to identify and foster the tools and skills they need to live a happy and prosperous life.

What do you do when you volunteer? 

I like to get involved in every aspect of the volunteer activities starting with planning it, encouraging people to join in,  and if possible, to be there in person and interact with the people we’re supporting.

This is clearly an important part of who you are.  And for that, I wanted to say thanks!  Its actions like yours that fuel social impact programs like .heart.  

 I’m truly appreciative that Nutanix has a program like .heart.  Considering our donation matching program and our volunteer time off, we can really make a difference in the world.  Also, I’d like to offer a special thanks to the sales leadership team, who prioritizes getting involved and giving back. It makes me even more excited to be part of the Nutanix team and proud to grow my career here.  

Thanks to Ghady for sharing. To learn more about our .heart Corporate Social Responsibility programs, visit our Social Responsibility page.

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