Kickstart 2022 By Simplifying Your Database Operations

February 1, 2022 | min

By Fahima Zahir, Product Marketing

新年快樂! Wishing those who celebrate a prosperous and healthy Year of the Tiger! With new year celebrations, comes resolve. Usually everyone does this one January 1, but it’s never too late to celebrate the new year and make a new resolve. 2022 is in full swing and that means understanding your database challenges and simplifying that complexity should be at the top of your priority list. Let’s make this a New Year’s Resolution for IT to deliver. Nutanix has partnered with HPE to power up your databases for impactful business performance through the powerful combination of Nutanix Era® database manager on HPE’s Greenlake® offering. Database management can be just as tedious as your server sprawl. That’s why management of costs to align with actual usage and supporting rapid deployment is critical. This has become essential for enterprises and even large international retailers, especially as they journey between holiday sales and new product launches a new year can bring.

It can be done! A Nutanix customer, an international retailer, not only survived, but thrived when harnessing HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Era for database management to simplify their database administration, enable rapid deployment, and move to a true consumption-based cost model. HPE GreenLake in combination with Nutanix Era helped this retailer deliver the outcomes that their business demanded.

The Challenge - Simplify

Every year and after the holiday sales season there are surges and a need for rapid deployment to support this large international retailer that operates hundreds of stores across the globe, with high-level IT operations and datacenters for each large region managed from a single central facility. This retailer’s database infrastructure had historically relied on three-tier virtualization, which had begun to drive bloated operational costs and bog down deployment times. This existing implementation also relied on legacy technologies requiring specialized skillsets that were difficult and expensive to source. IT leaders wanted to find a replacement that could ensure easy access for users and Developers; and provide rapid database deployment and de-siloed database management alongside a more flexible financing model.

The Solution

HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Era for databases fulfilled the requirements discussed above. HPE GreenLake is a cloud experience where you need it - edge-to-cloud and comes to you wherever your apps and data live. This walks hand in hand with Nutanix Era as a database service (DBaaS), the Nutanix “DBaaS” delivered on prem. This power team gives you a cloud-like experience that matches the hosted cloud flexibility while retaining the control and compliance benefits that can come from on prem infrastructure. The solution appeared to be a strong fit after a proof-of-concept demonstration. The customer decided to move forward, and the new platform was implemented within six months of the completion of the POC. 

Instead of uncertain upfront capital investments, HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Era now allows this retailer to manage database costs through a usage based monthly subscription and a single monthly bill from HPE. And databases can be rapidly deployed (often with a single click) for the full range of database applications employed in the organization. Users and Developers can do so using an intuitive Nutanix portal that doesn’t require a specialized database administrator for routine requests.

By reducing database deployment times from several weeks to a few hours, HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Era for databases has driven an approximately 2-3x reduction in total data storage needs through eliminated redundancies.

The Results & Next Steps

Deploying new databases used to take this retailer’s developers weeks and now they are able to deploy around two hours and minimize the extra copies of the databases they previously  held  on to due to long deployment time. The internal SLAs realized by this retailer have improved and helped the developers to complete projects and deliver faster even during the long holiday season. Nutanix Erahas also helped them manage their relational database management systems including: Oracle®, PostgreSQL®, SQL Server®, and MongoDB® databases. With the flexibility of the solution quickly proving its value in its US, European, and Asian datacenters, the customer organization is considering expanding this solution to additional global operations hubs. With streamlined cloning and migration capabilities, this solution is also a natural fit for expanding these capabilities to retail sites, which maintain small ROBO (remote office/branch office) datacenters.

Another chance to learn more about this great partnership at the Nutanix Database Summit - Reimagine Databases.

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