The Only Hypervisor Certified for Production SAP HANA on Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI): Another First for Nutanix AHV

By Binny Gill & Greg White & Krishna Kattumadam & Bas Raayman & Alexander Thoma
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At Nutanix we strive every day to make infrastructure just a little bit better than it was yesterday. Over the last eight years, Nutanix has reinvented storage, reinvented the hypervisor, and created a delightful private cloud for virtualized workloads that makes the lives of our customers better. SAP has long shared the same promise of improving people’s lives, and we are happy to announce today that SAP HANA is now certified to run in production on the next-generation Nutanix hypervisor, AHV. AHV is the first hypervisor to be certified to run production SAP HANA on hyperconverged infrastructure. For SAP support information and verification, see the SAP note 2686722 – SAP HANA virtualized on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor.

Organizations that leverage SAP HANA can dramatically enhance their business capabilities and speed, whether through improving manufacturing efficiency, time to market, and customer retention, or detecting financial fraud and reducing risk. The SAP HANA platform runs on only the most reliable certified infrastructure, and SAP continually innovates to find new ways to simplify the end-to-end user experience, such as allowing users to choose either tailored datacenter integration (TDI) or the SAP HANA appliance.

In mid-2017, SAP announced a rigorous certification process for SAP HANA on HCI, extending HCI’s noted benefits of reduced costs and complexity to SAP HANA customers. An HCI-based enterprise cloud option combines the advantages of appliance- and TDI-based solutions by being highly scalable, flexible, and easy to deploy and manage, while delivering outstanding and predictable performance. With this new HCI category, SAP embraced radical simplicity in the datacenter.

Nutanix and SAP are longtime partners, sharing a passion for innovation, for simplifying and driving efficiency, and for delivering business value to their customers. As part of the SAP HANA certification for AHV, Nutanix has demonstrated that, with minimal overhead, virtualized SAP HANA databases on HCI are not only exceptionally performant and scalable, but highly available, resilient, secure, and positioned to thrive due to the simplicity and ease of day-2 operations. It’s exciting to have Nutanix AHV be the first HCI-based solution certified for running the HANA workload. You can read more detail on the technology enhancements we made to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS for running SAP HANA in our blog posted for SAP Sapphire Now.

Positive business outcomes rely on more than performance, however, it is also imperative for IT teams and Basis administrators to operate SAP landscapes more efficiently, minimizing management overhead and achieving faster time to value. The new HCI certification helps organizations seeking to reduce the time spent on routine management tasks across an entire SAP landscape—from development and quality assurance (QA) to testing and production. All infrastructure and applications, including virtual machines running HANA databases, can now be managed from a single interface—Nutanix Prism. Nutanix Prism not only provides a consolidated, highly graphical, and intuitive view for monitoring and reporting, it also leverages modern machine learning algorithms to predict future resource needs and provides proactive and actionable recommendations for better infrastructure administration. Such centralized insight into all the elements of the stack significantly accelerates diagnosis of application issues and reduces incident response times, particularly when coupled with Nutanix world-class enterprise support, which is consistently 90 or above on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) scale.

Nutanix software for SAP HANA runs on Nutanix AHV on certified Intel SkyLake SP-based server platforms from Lenovo and others. Using AHV dramatically simplifies infrastructure demands by making the hypervisor invisible from a day-to-day maintenance point of view. This approach frees teams to focus on new activities that are directly aligned with business goals. At launch, these qualified hardware systems are scale-up, two- and four-processor systems, with more options planned for the future. The initial release supports HANA VM sizes up to 2.3 TB and 168 virtual CPUs, and customers can also run application VMs on processors that don’t have production HANA databases committed to them. Nutanix HCI allows you to add server nodes incrementally and non-disruptively to a cluster when you need more storage or compute, providing easy linear scaling and predictable performance. This combination of hardware and software abstraction simplifies the SAP customer journey to an enterprise cloud that mimics the elasticity, simplified management, consolidated infrastructure visibility, and speed of the public cloud. At the same time, customers have full control over data residency, security, world-class enterprise support, and on-premises troubleshooting. Our trusted hardware partners are in the process of certifying their respective Skylake-based hardware platforms to run SAP HANA with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software with AHV.

While SAP HANA in production is one of the most business-critical applications that enterprises run, there are also tremendous benefits of running nonproduction SAP HANA on Nutanix AHV. Customers can take advantage of the flexibility of a virtualized, common infrastructure resource pool and simplified deployment, updates, and retirement of SAP HANA instances in the one-click Nutanix environment. Development, QA, sandbox, training, and other landscapes can be rolled out, expanded, and refreshed quickly and easily while maximizing consumption of the physical server and storage resources.

Although this blog has been focused on the most recent SAP HANA news, don’t forget that we have a strong history with SAP as the first hyperconverged solution to be certified for NetWeaver-based landscapes. So, even if you aren’t a HANA customer, Nutanix AHV is proven, certified, and uniquely suited for providing value for SAP Classic landscapes too—including application servers and any DB.

The icing on the cake for great products is fast and efficient Solution delivery — an integral part of the journey, of course, and along with our Nutanix consulting services options, we have a strong partner ecosystem you can leverage to ensure your delivery needs are met. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software for SAP is delivered by qualified Nutanix partners around the globe, including global system integrators like Dimension Data.

“We see the same demand for leveraging innovative new solutions to provide faster time to market for SAP HANA infrastructure that SAP HANA in-memory data platform provides for accelerating business processes and intelligence. We are excited to partner with Nutanix to begin the process for bringing these new solutions to market,” said Blair Stewart, SVP SAP Alliance, Dimension Data.

The digital enterprise will be instrumental for driving the success of IT organizations in the years to come. Daniel Schneiss, SVP of SAP HANA Platform and databases, said “Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is one of the next big steps that will allow our customers to benefit from the latest technologies to drive flexibility and lower operational costs.”

HCI-based solutions and enterprise cloud offer applications and databases new capabilities to meet the demands of digital and business innovation. Now, the leading in-memory database, SAP HANA and related applications, is a part of the mix. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can change the paradigm so that teams spend more time enhancing SAP applications, with a shorter cycle for planning and delivering new services, to deliver more value, faster.

It is delightful to see the successful culmination of years of hard work on both sides resulting in SAP HANA and Nutanix AHV coming together to solve our joint customers’ pain-points and improving their lives.

Read the SAP HANA on Nutanix Best Practices Guide for more details on relevant technical settings and considerations to get the most from your SAP HANA scale-up deployment running on Nutanix AHV.

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