HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Era for Databases: Delivering Your Most Demanding Workloads, as a Service.

By Fahima Zahir, Product Marketing

June 10, 2021 | min

At Nutanix, we have focused on freedom of choice since our earliest days, and we’re pleased to have joined forces with HPE in that philosophy. Two years ago, the companies launched a partnership to provide greater choice for joint customers and partners. The portfolio that resulted provides one of the industry’s broadest set of choices in how you can power your private, hybrid and multicloud environments.

For our customers – the journey to transform their datacenters into agile cloud environments is unique to each organization. With Nutanix and HPE – we provide flexibility in how they do that with a choice in deployment and consumption models, hypervisors, and workloads supported. Today, that set of choices has become even more exciting with the launch of HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Era for databases.

HPE GreenLake Cloud Services

With HPE GreenLake, Nutanix customers gain even more operational and financial flexibility. HPE brings the cloud experience to your data center, and provides the computing infrastructure to run applications and store data in a metered, pay-per-use, as a service model. Customers have been enjoying the benefits of HPE GreenLake for over a decade in 56 countries – and now Nutanix has become a very popular ISV solution within the HPE GreenLake ecosystem.  More flexible than a traditional lease, the monthly billings from the HPE GreenLake are tied to actual metered usage rather than a fixed payment. In addition, a buffer of standby capacity is always available to scale at a moment’s notice.

This helps our customers:

  • Right-size resources, matching fluctuating needs with access to buffered capacity
  • Avoid overprovisioning, or other errors in provisioning
  • Lower costs with workload automation through creating alerts for specific usage/spend triggers that help identify poorly provisioned resources, or even identify and delete unused files or data

Nutanix Era Platform: Simplified Database Operations

The Nutanix Cloud Platform complements the public cloud-like billing and standby capacity of HPE GreenLake, with fully integrated compute, storage and virtualization building blocks that provide turnkey, instant operations.  Like LEGO® blocks which snap together to create ever larger models, businesses can use these building blocks to scale workloads as business dictates. 

Whether your primary goal is to modernize database operations, consolidate databases to prevent sprawl, offer DBaaS, accelerate internal development cycles, improve critical application performance, or all the above, Nutanix Era consolidates segregated workloads into a single, simplified management platform that lets you provision, clone, patch, refresh, and back up databases in just a few clicks, not days or weeks. 

The Nutanix Era Platform transforms database operations and management:

Less is More: Less footprint, less overhead, less up-front costs.

If you think back to the famous architect Mies van der Rohe, whose “less is more” philosophy favored distilling buildings into their simplest forms, resulting in more elegant designs, it’s no coincidence that in the IT world – solution experts are called ‘architects.’ Designing your cloud datacenter environment to run your most demanding database workloads should be that simple. With HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Era for databases, we allow our customers to do just that for their database operations – simplify it to the most essential elements, so that they can focus on their business.

Nutanix and HPE deliver the industry’s broadest choice of how you power your private, hybrid and multicloud environments, with outcome-based IT consumption and cloud-like economics – all managed for you. Start small, and scale as needed with buffered capacity, leveraging one of the industry’s best ROIs. To learn more about our partnership and unique portfolio, join us virtually from June 22-24 at HPE Discover

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