How to Implement a Private Cloud in 4 Steps

November 21, 2019 | min


As more businesses migrate over to a private cloud—with 73% of organizations moving their applications back to an on-prem infrastructure—you might be asking yourself: How exactly can I build my own private cloud? And how complex or easy is it, exactly?

Our answer to both? It can happen in just 4 simple steps. Check out our quick, step-by-step video to learn how to build your own complete private cloud. in just a few hours and make your journey to hybrid simple.

From day 1 to day 1,000 and beyond, your private cloud infrastructure is a powerful, secure backbone. Here’s a breakdown of your first few days look like:

Day 1: Set up your Nutanix clusters as the foundation of your on-premises infrastructure.

Day 2: Set up your applications, provision VMs, and create storage containers.

Day 3: Create application blueprints, publish them in a marketplace and make available for self-service provisioning via ServiceNow integration.

Day 4+: Manage your infrastructure in just a few clicks.

Next Steps to Build Your Own Private Cloud

While private cloud migration has become the norm for many businesses, transformation demands more. That’s why 85% of IT decision-makers say hybrid cloud is their preferred cloud computing model.

Your on-premises environment is the ideal on-ramp to hybrid cloud. Find out why hybrid cloud will see the most growth in the next 5 years, global cloud migration and adoption trends, security standards across different cloud architectures, and much more in the newly launched 2019 Enterprise Cloud Index.

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