Accelerating the Delivery of Complete AI Solutions for Organizations: Announcing the Nutanix AI Partner Program

Delivering an enterprise-ready ecosystem of AI capabilities

By Gregory Lehrer and Gali Ross

May 21, 2024 | min

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Nutanix AI Partner Program, which is dedicated to simplifying AI implementation while accelerating customer outcomes. By partnering with AI leaders like DataRobot, Codeium, Pryon and others, Nutanix can help customers with top enterprise use cases including chatbots, document/content search, code generation, model hallucination detection, and MLOps. Thanks to these partnerships, businesses can realize value from AI investments faster, enhance productivity, reduce waste, and improve end user experience.

Investing in the Future of Your AI

The enterprise applications landscape for generative AI is on track to reach a $1.3 trillion market size by 2032, marking a period of explosive growth. However, many organizations are only beginning to explore these opportunities and are looking for guidance in how best to capitalize on the opportunities presented by AI.

While enterprises have a number of options for both generative and predictive AI using public cloud services, there are far fewer alternatives for on-premises inference solutions suitable for sensitive internal data sets, especially in heavily regulated sectors such as government and financial services. 

That’s why in August 2023, Nutanix announced a breakthrough development for customer choice and simplified AI deployment and management with our GPT-in-a-Box™ solution. Designed to extend the streamlined operations, control, and security that Nutanix provides for hybrid infrastructure to core and edge AI use cases, GPT-in-a-Box is an opinionated stack, featuring optimal infrastructure and software services for building and deploying AI applications. 

The latest iteration, GPT-in-a-Box 2.0, will make it even easier for customers to operationalize AI with an inference endpoint integrated with the full array of capabilities needed to operate and maintain enterprise-scale AI applications, including hardware lifecycle management, GPU and CPU certification, high-performance storage, a Kubernetes engine, telemetry, and troubleshooting insights into the entire stack.

We’re committed to helping our customers confidently build, operate and govern AI and are excited to partner with Nutanix to deliver the GPT-in-a-box solution, empowering organizations to accelerate their path to AI value with enterprise-grade security, performance, and oversight.

Debanjan Saha
DataRobot CEO

AccuKnox Zero Trust CNAPP is a Gen-AI-powered Cloud Security Software Platform that helps secure GenAI workloads running on Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box. We're excited to help Nutanix customers solve for the end-to-end “Build to Runtime” security of their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for all their GenAI applications.

Rahul Jadhav
Accuknox Co-founder and CTO

Developing a Diverse AI Ecosystem with Industry-Leading Partners

As the AI/ML industry landscape continues to evolve, enterprises will require confidence not only in AI solutions but also in the underlying infrastructure. Confronted with a sprawling marketplace for AI solutions, Nutanix customers can take the guesswork out of AI implementation with a set of validated full-stack solutions built in collaboration with best-of-breed AI companies across the globe.

The Nutanix AI Partner Program includes companies that specialize in all foundational elements necessary for effective AI solutions at enterprise scale:

1. Generative AI Industry Applications

Companies leveraging AI technology, including Large Language Models (LLMs) and other AI models, to develop business applications for use cases like enterprise search, code generation, image recognition, and more.

2. Model Operations (LLM and ML Ops)

Companies focusing on operationalization and management of AI models throughout their lifecycle. From development and training to deployment and monitoring, these companies provide tools and platforms to streamline the process of building and maintaining AI models at scale. Key features included in MLOps solutions include version control, automated testing, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and performance optimization capabilities.

3. Compute Infrastructure

Companies specializing in providing the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to support AI and ML workloads. This includes high-performance computing (HPC) clusters, GPU servers, compute optimization solutions, and cloud-based AI services. These may also include companies providing resource optimization solutions, such as GPU cloud and other compute solutions. These companies are critical for the efficient training and deployment of AI models, and for offering scalable and cost-effective solutions tailored to the unique demands of machine learning tasks.

4. AI Consulting and Data Services Partners

Companies working with Nutanix customers to deliver AI advisory services, data preparation and transformation, model customization and optimization, AI application development, etc.

AI ecosystem

Nutanix’s recent launch of GPT-in-a-Box marks an evolution in the delivery of secure AI to enterprise customers. Nutanix’s focus on delivering a complete Fortune 100 solution aligns to the strategic discussions we’re having with these large enterprises surrounding our ability to accelerate their respective GenAI strategies.

Yaron Singer
Robust Intelligence CEO

Our opening cohort of leading AI partners, fully vetted and aligned to Nutanix customers key use cases:


  • Accuknox: Securing AI/ML workloads with patented proactive mitigation capabilities to protect against advanced persistent threats and Zero Day Attacks. 
  • Codeium: Coding acceleration toolkit built on cutting edge AI technology, complete with in-code chat, search, autocomplete, analytics and insights.
  • Instabase: Leverages AI to transform documents, images, e-mails, and other unstructured files into powerful insights for enhanced decision-making.
  • Pryon: Offers businesses instantaneous answers to enterprise search, drawing from trusted internal processes, policies, support, and technical documentation.


  • DataRobot: End-to-end End-to-end AI platform for building, operating and governing AI solutions in any environment — from on premise to the edge — with enterprise-grade observability and governance.
  • Lamini: Provides a no-GPU platform for efficient, cost-effective, code-based building and fine-tuning of generative AI LLMs.
  • Robust Intelligence: Enhances the security and reliability of AI models by automatically detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities in ML systems.
  • UbiOps: Facilitates the deployment, management, and scalability of ML models into production environments.

AI/ML Infrastructure*

  • Neural Magic: Enterprise inference server for at-scale operationalization of performant open-source large language models (LLMs);  specializes in optimizing the deployment and execution of deep learning models on commodity hardware (GPUs and CPUs). 

In addition, Nutanix partners through Engineering Collaboration and Product Integration with leading AI players such as: 

Hugging Face for provides up-to-the-minute, validated LLMs to help businesses deploy and run AI in their applications. Learn more about this partnership;
and Nvidia - with Nvidia AI Enterprise providing an end-2-end AI infrastructure for enterprise deployments, helping enterprises more easily adopt generative AI by integrating NVIDIA NIM microservices in Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 2.0 Learn more about this exciting collaboration.

Consulting and Data Services

  • DKube: Simplifies the process of training and fine-tuning LLMs for businesses using internal enterprise data.

Getting onboarded with the Nutanix AI Partnership was easy, and our teams were able to quickly ramp up a joint solution that is already allowing organizations to write nearly half of all new code with AI. Nutanix customers with large in-house development shops, are excited about accelerating their engineering teams and streamlining deployment with our joint offering, while keeping their code and IP secure on their network.

Varun Mohan
Codeium Founder and CEO

The deployment of GenAI models, specifically LLMs, introduces a heavy tax on enterprise infrastructure. Neural Magic's expertise in high performance inference servers for GPUs and CPUs, together with industry-leading model optimization techniques provides Nutanix customers with a solution to overcome this roadblock. We are excited to join forces with Nutanix through the AI Partner Program to deliver high scale inference of private open-source LLMs at the edge, datacenter, and cloud through GPT-in-a-Box.

Brian Stevens
Neural Magic CEO
AI partners

An Organizational Roadmap for Understanding the Art of the Possible with AI

In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, most enterprises find themselves in uncharted territory. Many customers are relatively new to AI, focusing primarily on the application layer as they work to understand where new capabilities can yield maximum value for their business. 

Nutanix is dedicated to working with its AI partners to educate customers about both potential solutions and the optimal underlying infrastructure. Through this collaboration, the AI Partnership aims to provide customers not only with a validated ecosystem but also a reliable guide for their AI journey. For customers just starting to develop a roadmap for adopting AI across the organization, this program will provide a true educational hub for best practices.

Nutanix's recent launch of GPT-in-a-Box has quickly filled our pipeline with customers who are ramping up quickly but still working to build foundational internal knowledge and processes for AI. From data readiness to model tuning, we are excited to help Nutanix customers pave the road to AI-ready operations.

Ajay Tyagi
DKube Head of Marketing and Business

Learn More About Nutanix and AI 

Nutanix is committed to leadership in the emerging AI ecosystem, and we believe our AI Partner Program will have a key role to play in helping our customers identify the right on-premises AI solutions for their unique business needs.

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