3 Ways NVIDIA NIM and GPT-in-a-Box 2.0 Accelerate Your Enterprise GenAI

By Mike Barmonde

June 4, 2024 | min

The speed at which you can deploy and use GenAI is now faster than ever, thanks to the latest announcements from NVIDIA and Nutanix.

At Computex 2024, NVIDIA unveiled NIM microservices availability for developers to accelerate their GenAI efforts at no-cost for members of the NVIDIA Developer program that run NVIDIA AI Enterprise. This aligns closely with the latest GenAI announcements from Nutanix at .NEXT 2024 of the ongoing effort to integrate NVIDIA NIM into the upcoming Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 2.0 solution allowing customers to deploy GenAI without a special infrastructure or architecture in minutes.

Key diagram of how Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 2.0 works with NVIDIA NIM

The value of these recent announcements go deeper than a few buzzwords. The combination of NVIDIA AI Enterprise NIM and Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box not only means you can go faster with your enterprise GenAI deployments, but more importantly, you’ll be able to adapt to an AI landscape that’s changing daily.

But is adaptability critical for GenAI success? Absolutely, here are three reasons why.

1. Quick Access to New and Updated GenAI Models

GenAI models get better constantly. Top performers today may not be the best model for your needs tomorrow. Consistency, support, and viability for a large-language model (LLM) are also key points to consider. Like code projects before them, a dead-end for an LLM could stall or derail your GenAI offering.

Hugging Face Open LLM Leaderboard Benchmark as of May, 29, 2024

With NVIDIA NIM and Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box, the workflow to update or replace a model is seamless. 

NVIDIA NIM provides a library of LLMs curated for enterprise GenAI. These models are tied to APIs that developers will leverage to connect GenAI apps to models. A model change or replacement with NVIDIA NIM is invisible to the end-user and they’ll see the results quickly. 

Emerging models are becoming increasingly more powerful adding multiple types of generated AI content beyond text, like pictures, audio, or even video. These multimodal models create a single interface for GenAI content creation.

LLM Multimodality abstract concept from NVIDIA

Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box creates a platform to manage models, data sets, and infrastructure for GenAI and NVIDIA NIM. These models and data will sit closest to their users from the edge to the public cloud ensuring performance. The infrastructure of GPT-in-a-Box is based on hyperconvergence that combines all the typical hardware elements like compute, networking, storage, and GPUs into a single form-factor that can be scaled up, or down, from a small closet to a massive datacenter. 

NVIDIA NIM combined with GPT-in-a–Box creates a model ‘factory’ where choice, adaptability, and speed removes the pressure of picking the best model, and instead allows you to pick the right model.

2. Private Control over GenAI Models and Data

Running GenAI on Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box gives you native data services that are resilient and scalable, providing NVIDIA AI Enterprise NIM users a solid foundation for storage of GenAI workflows. 

Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes diagram

GenAI workloads and models mainly run on containers. NVIDIA NIM is itself a set of microservices and containers. For many GenAI teams that need enterprise data availability, simplicity of data management, backup, and recovery, GPT-in-a-Box provides container data services: Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes for NVIDIA NIM.

Many customers demand security and privacy for GenAI, and both are built-in to the data fabric Nutanix provides. Your data is protected no matter where you run your GenAI workloads, even in the public cloud using Nutanix Cloud Clusters.  

3. Software-Defined Infrastructure Speeds Gen AI Success

GenAI is changing quickly and a broad range of compute performance and storage capacity is required to run, protect, and store both Gen AI models and data.  Nutanix and NVIDIA are working together to simplify access to new and updated models running on a software-defined architecture that easily assimilates new GPUs while providing consistent data services across block, file and object storage.   

Nutanix Cloud Platform with GPT-in-a-Box with NVIDIA AI Enterprise is the special sauce for GenAI that combines a scalable infrastructure platform with a scalable GenAI framework for fast results that can adapt to your business, anywhere you run your AI workloads.

The Time for AI is Now

There’s never been a better time to get your AI strategy into practice. NVIDIA NIM provides developers a no-cost way to get started with GenAI with turn-key APIs and models. Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box accelerates the deployment of NVIDIA NIM with a software-defined infrastructure for all your data to scale anywhere. 

So, what’s your next move? 

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