Unlocking the ROBO/Edge IT Landscape with the Launch of Nutanix 1-node Cluster
The 1-node Nutanix Enterprise Cloud offering was created with one thing in mind: you – our customers. You told us that a Nutanix offering specifically designed for smaller, remote deployments will radically simplify your ability to deliver virtualized applications at your remote sites. Your journey to a consolidated cloud strategy was missing consistency and common &hell...
Modernizing the Energy Industry with Nutanix
The oil and gas sector has been hit very hard over the past few years, due to the steep downturn in crude oil and other commodity prices. You can get a sense of this by looking at the macroeconomics trends in areas with a high density of oil and gas companies. Many energy companies had … Continued
Capitalising on the Next-Generation Cloud
How To Unlock New Revenue Streams Through Hyperconvergence For success in the channel, flexibility and a willingness to evolve with technological advancements in critical. If we look back just over a year, savvy channel partners were exploiting new paths to revenue by building service practices above the hypervisor. Seizing the opportunity, they set about offering …...
Once in a Decade… or Once in a Lifetime?
Recently several Wall Street and industry analysts have been sharing their perspective on Nutanix as a growth opportunity – one going so far as to characterize us as a once-in-a-decade infrastructure story. For us, personally and professionally – it’s more like once in a lifetime. Between the both of us – we have decades of … Continued
Omnichannel Retail Success Requires IT Transformation
Today’s consumers are tech savvy. Their shopping experiences often involves some combination of brick-and-mortar, online, mobile, social, and other channels. Retailers have made a number of advances in delivering good customer experiences in each channel. But retailers who want to build a loyal customer base need to deliver a seamless experience across all the channels &...
Are You Holding Onto Old School Virtualization?
No one argues the important role virtualization plays in hyperconverged infrastructure solutions and in how enterprise IT delivers applications and services. Most enterprises invest significantly in software licensing, domain-specific training, and manpower to support an IT function that is dominated by a single vendor. What IT executives have begun to question, however, i...
DH Technologies is #ALLin with Nutanix – an Update
In early 2014, I wrote a blog post about how Devin Henderson, CEO of DH Technologies, was committed to going all in with, what was then, a quite young Nutanix. In the years since, Devin has seen his business rapidly grow along with Nutanix. He has also witnessed the transition of Nutanix from Hyper-Converged Infrastructure … Continued
Top Three Themes from Gartner Data Center Conference
Earlier this month, Nutanix met with a number of IT professionals at the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas. The team had a full calendar at the show including a session with Nutanix customer LabCorp, numerous one-on-one briefings, and a packed booth schedule on the show floor. Whether the discussions occurred in one-on-one sessions … Continued
7 Reasons to Upgrade to AOS 5.5
After much anticipation, AOS 5.5 is here! While many are focused on the star of this release, Calm automation and orchestration, I thought it would be good to share some thoughts on the top reasons to upgrade to 5.5 beyond Calm. Though Calm is a very cool new offering, our engineers have not forgotten the … Continued