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Hadrien Dugas


Customer satisfaction is our priority and my work is to ensure this satisfaction goes beyond expectations. Based in Barcelona, I offer creative solutions with the help of a unique team comprised of Sales, Engineering, Support and Marketing staff from all over the world, to make sure you dispose of the exact tools at the right time.

Andrada Enache


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I am an entrepreneurial enthusiast with 12+ years of expertise in empowering enterprises to best leverage the technology at their disposal. Working at Nutanix since 2018, I am now supporting customers and partners in reaching their transformation strategy goals.

Alberto Herranz


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I'm a technology enthusiast and I love being part of a company that is focused on innovating and bringing something new to our customers. Coming from an engineering background I have several years of experience in the IT sector, in technical consultancy, project delivery and customer-facing roles.

Nicolas Meynard


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I started my carrier at Nutanix in 2021 and joined Customer Success in 2022. I always wanted to work close to the customers and in a technological Field, Nutanix helped me to reach these 2 goals. It's always a pleasure for me to build relationships with my customers and advising them about their projects regarding their IT infrastructure or their will to move to cloud. Always smiling and an open ear, my objective is to optimize my customers satisfaction to better fit their strategy and theirs goals.

Marta Ortiz


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As an avid relationship builder, I thrive most when I support my customers to be successful and achieve their goals. With more than 10 years of professional experience in the IT sector, I combine consultancy, recruitment, coaching and sales skills to provide the best service to the people I work with. I support our Swiss customers from our Barcelona office, working closely with different teams to provide the best user experience and help simplify complex IT environments and infrastructures.

Andrea Tomasino


Andrea joined Nutanix in June 2021, wanting to join a subscription company and Customer Success. He has worked in customer-facing roles throughout his entire career and in IT since 2018. He is focusing on creating value for end-users and long-standing relationships. Previously, he has worked in industries such as tourism, digital publishing and consulting services between Switzerland, the UK and Australia. Andrea is a highly work/life balance advocate, having found his own equilibrium while still traveling the world.


Customer Success Learning Plans

The Customer Success Learning Plans (CSLP) provide a comprehensive set of resources, including courses, videos, and documentation, carefully prepared by Nutanix Customer Success to guide customers on their Nutanix journey.

The resources cover a range of topics, such as the Nutanix Support Portal, AOS, Prism Element Basics, and Prism Central. Whether you're new to Nutanix or looking for a refresher, these learning plans are designed to cater to your needs.

The CSLP document serves as a practical guide, providing clear instructions on how to make the most of the available materials. Within the document, you will find direct links to enrol in Nutanix's specially designed courses for our valued customers. Additionally, Nutanix has curated a collection of videos that have been selected to enhance your knowledge and expertise in the field.

By using the CSLP, you can power up your understanding of Nutanix and maximise your Nutanix experience.


Onboarding and Adoption Events

Onboarding & Adoption Events

These live virtual events are designed to help you configure and familiarize yourself with your Nutanix products, and answer questions about how to deploy them in your environment.

Go to Production

Go To Production

Get an overview of your new Nutanix platform with tips and tricks for your daily work with the system, optimization possibilities, and much more.

Test Drive

One Platform. Any App. Any Cloud.

Build your clouds your way in a few clicks. Instantly complete all your IT tasks on a unified cloud platform with Nutanix. Try it today.


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Video Support

Meet NAIA, our friendly AI support, that provides you further information on our solutions, tools and offerings

G5 Assets

Check how you can see the End of Life and Maintenance dates for your hardware in Nutanix Support Portal.



Pulse & Insights

How to activate Pulse?



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