Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals (NHCF)

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If you are relatively new to Nutanix and want a feature-focused introduction to Prism Central and its various capabilities, this course is your starting point.

NHCF explores the breadth and depth of Nutanix’s centralized management capabilities, and allows you to explore the wide variety of features available in Prism Central.

Focused on getting you working with and exploring the Nutanix platform as quickly as possible, the course discusses key Nutanix product and cluster related concepts, and immediately moves into setting up a Nutanix cluster from both the perspective of Prism Central and Prism Element.

Using Prism Central, you will learn how to monitor cluster health and performance, create and manage VMs, and perform basic management tasks on hardware, storage, and networks.

Finally, you will briefly explore lifecycle manager, and how you can monitor installed software versions and keep them up to date with just a few clicks.


  • Network and security operations center personnel who want to learn Nutanix fundamentals (Prism, AOS,AHV) virtualization and cloud related concepts

Course Outline

1: Introduction

  • Understand three-tier and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) 
  • Understand Nutanix Cloud Solution Packages 
  • Get started with Prism Central and Prism Element 
  • Understand when to use Prism Central and when to use Prism Element 

Hands-on Labs 

  • Accessing and Exploring the Prism Web Console and Prism Central 
  • Deciding when to use Prism Central versus Prism Element                                  

2: Hardware and Storage Concepts 

  • Understand nodes, blocks, and clusters 
  • Understand AOS Distributed Storage 
  • Understand key storage concepts such as storage pools, storage containers, redundancy factor, replication factor, capacity reservation, and snapshots 
  • Use different Prism Central dashboards to monitor cluster hardware and storage 

Hands-On Labs

  • Exploring the hardware and storage containers dashboard 
  • Creating a storage container 

3: Networking

  • Understand AHV networking terminology and key concepts such as managed and unmanaged networks 
  • Use Prism Central to monitor cluster networks 
  • Use Prism Element to explore the Network Visualizer 

Hands-On Labs

  • Viewing network configuration in Prism Central 
  • Using the Network Visualizer 

4: Image Management 

  • Understand the image service 
  • Use Prism Central to monitor, upload, import, and manage images 

Hands-On Labs 

  • Exploring the images dashboard 
  • Uploading and importing an image to Prism Central 
  • Uploading an image using Prism Web Console 

5: VM Management 

  • Use Prism Central to create, monitor, and perform basic management tasks on VMs 

Hands-On Labs 

  • Exploring the VMs dashboard
  • Creating and cloning VMs
  • Updating the NIC
  • Determining if Nutanix Guest Tools are enabled 
  • Adding a VM to a category
  • Creating a snapshot 
  • Exporting a VM as an OVA file 

6: Monitoring Cluster Performance and Health 

  • Use Prism Central to create sessions, charts, and reports 
  • Understand and explore alerts and events 
  • Collect logs 
  • Use the Nutanix Support Portal to create a support case 

Hands-On Labs

  • Adding built-in charts to the Analysis Dashboard 
  • Creating a custom chart 
  • Creating a new report 
  • Viewing, downloading, and scheduling reports 
  • Monitoring cluster health 
  • Collecting logs 

7: Life Cycle Manager (LCM) 

  • Understand LCM and the LCM workflow 
  • Use the LCM dashboard in Prism Central and Prism Element 
  • Use LCM to perform an inventory 

Hands-On Labs 

  • Exploring the LCM dashboard 
  • Performing inventory at a Connected Site and at a Dark Site 

Terms and Conditions

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  • Cancellation notices will be sent to enrolled students by email with rescheduling information and alternative training options.

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