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Always-On Cloud Security Compliance

Xi Beam continuously monitors your cloud environment, automating security compliance checks and fixing security vulnerabilities in real-time.

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Elevate Cloud Security Visibility

Get complete visibility into the security posture of your entire cloud environment via Xi Beam’s multicloud security center. A compliance summary report generated using 250+ automated audit checks gives you metrics on overall cloud health. You can also leverage out-of-the-box reports for regulatory compliance policies such as CIS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more.

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Enable Easy Cloud Security Management

Empower your DevSecOps teams to simplify cloud security management and confidently deploy faster in the cloud. In addition to 250+ built-in audit checks based on industry best practices, Xi Beam also provides teams the ability to create custom audit checks that meet specific security needs. Once detected, Xi Beam customers can eliminate security vulnerabilities with a single click.

Leverage Cloud Security Automation

Improve your cloud security with continuous monitoring and automated remediation. Xi Beam’s event-driven security compliance engine alerts cloud admins in real-time as soon as a new security vulnerability is discovered. Security architects can create policies for automated remediation actions so that the necessary corrective actions are quickly taken against security threats.

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