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Berkeley Embarks on a Digital Transformation with Nutanix to Power the City of the Future

Nutanix Solutions Enable the City to Increase the Scalability and Reliability of its Datacenter Infrastructure to Meet the City’s Growing Technology Need and Continuity Services

San Jose, California - January 27, 2021Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX),  a leader in private cloud, hybrid and multicloud computing, announced today that the City of Berkeley has implemented Nutanix software solutions to increase the scalability and reliability of their infrastructure as part of a large project to modernize the city IT systems to better respond to current and future demands. The IT infrastructure was recently put to the test when the city had to implement several new technology-driven initiatives as part of their pandemic response.

The City of Berkeley, located in Northern California, supports a community of up to approximately 120,000 people. The IT team is responsible for supporting a variety of departments such as police, fire, public works planning and, uniquely compared to other municipalities, the health services and housing and community services departments. Berkeley’s legacy infrastructure was not able to support the city’s increasing technology demands, which led them to a broad IT modernization project to enable the team to support current and future demands. The city’s IT needs quickly spiked in response to the pandemic with an increase in demand for technologies and resources to support employees and the community at large. Nutanix was able to deliver the scalability and efficiency needed to support their growing needs.

“As we continue to go through major system transitions and adapt to this changing world, we now have the capability to scale up our infrastructure and support the new initiatives and solutions for our growing needs and services,” said Savita Chaudhary, Director of IT, City of Berkeley. “With Nutanix, we have been able to adapt during these unprecedented times and provide our employees with the resources and tools needed to work from home, as well as support telehealth and contact tracing projects, all while continuing to provide the highest level of service to our community.”

Prior to implementing Nutanix, the City of Berkeley had a traditional three-tier infrastructure that was unscalable and unreliable. The legacy infrastructure was complex to troubleshoot, sometimes resulting in long-lasting outages, during which the city’s departments had to rely on pen and paper. This was not a sustainable solution as the IT infrastructure supports critical services, including CAD 911, asset management and ERP. 

Nutanix has not only provided the City of Berkeley a more reliable and scalable infrastructure that is easy for its lean IT team to manage, but it has also provided an accessible disaster recovery (DR) solution, something of vital importance in earthquake-prone California. Prior to implementing Nutanix, the City of Berkeley did not have any DR in place. With Nutanix Xi Leap implemented, the city can now deliver continuity of service in the event of a planned or unplanned failover.

Nutanix also enabled Berkeley to easily adapt to changing demands. When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, the city had zero remote workers. With Nutanix already implemented, they were able to seamlessly support approximately 700 employees to work from home. The pandemic brought new obstacles as the team had to support more and more technology to properly serve their community. The IT staff can now focus on delivering new technology solutions to the departments instead of worrying about managing the datacenter running on Nutanix infrastructure.

Another priority for the City of Berkeley was environmental sustainability. Since implementing Nutanix, the city has had an about 50% reduction in their hardware footprint that resulted in significant savings in power consumption, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

“The City of Berkeley’s Department of IT’s mission is to provide cost effective, smart technology solutions to their business partners and community with integrity and commitment to excellence. Nutanix solutions have given them the tools they need to fulfill this mission,” said Chip George, VP Public Sector, Nutanix. “Fulfilling the needs of their community is one of the team's top priorities and with Nutanix they are able to do this for their current IT needs and feel prepared for whatever new challenges may come their way.”

With Nutanix, the City of Berkeley is able to leverage technology to have a positive impact on the city and the community as a whole. To learn more about Nutanix solutions for state and local agencies, please visit

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