ZeeTim is an EUC vendor focused on endpoints (Thin Clients / Zero Clients), access, authentication, and performance solutions for cloud workspaces. The company’s 3 main focal pillars are security, performance, and ease of management. Validated Nutanix Ready Frame, ZeeTim’s endpoint offering provides an extremely lightweight endpoint operating system that is ultra secure, enjoyable for the users, and simple for administrators. ZeeTim ensures a superior experience for Frame users especially around audio, graphics, and peripheral support. In addition to this, ZeeTim provides a fair license structure allowing easy scaling.

With roots stemming from system integration and nearly 30 years of experience, ZeeTim offers best of breed endpoint software technology. It also spans beyond this to help companies with other areas such as Identity and Access. ZeeTim is a trusted vendor for organizations such as ADP, Areas, Dior, Kenzo, Louvre Museum, Ahli Bank, and numerous others.

“ZeeTim, Not just an endpoint…”

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