The Workspot enterprise VDI platform is engineered for simplicity and tailored for the modern, hybrid multicloud world. It’s the perfect complement to the renown Nutanix hybrid multicloud infrastructure.

Workspot communicates directly with Nutanix clusters to globally provision virtual apps and desktops for users across any datacenter and cloud region. Managed from the intuitive Workspot Control console, it is a cloud-first, multitenant and secure approach to VDI design.

This design incorporates all essential operational features like management, brokering and load balancing within its cloud-native control plane, offering enhanced zero-trust security, cost efficiency and a significantly lighter load on your IT teams. Moreover, Workspot seamlessly integrates with your existing VDI infrastructure on-premises and in any cloud.

In collaboration with Nutanix, the Workspot cloud-native VDI solution ensures quick deployment, simple management, robust security, high performance, 99.99% availability, and fast remediation for disaster recovery. Advanced, built-in tools for deep data inspection and observability further improve the digital experience for all users connected to Workspot. Additionally, a comprehensive API facilitates integration and management with existing SIEMs and IT service management platforms.