Technology Alliances

Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks is simplifying the Software-Defined Data Center with its simple, dynamic and secure Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ architecture, enabling organizations to build scalable private and public clouds that improve service velocity, performance, and reliability. The company’s innovative Netvisor® software virtualizes open networking hardware to build a holistic, distributed network that is more intelligent, automated, and resilient. The company’s Insight Analytics™ platform leverages embedded telemetry and other data sources to enable pervasive visibility across the network and Nutanix HCI stack to reveal network and application performance characteristics to identify emerging performance issues, speed troubleshooting and improve operational and security intelligence.

The Adaptive Cloud Fabric from Pluribus Networks is the ideal network foundation to optimize and accelerate Nutanix HCI deployments. It is suitable for brownfield environments and removes network complexity, automates operations, improves resiliency and enables pervasive visibility across the service environment, while significantly reducing costs and accelerating the time to value for Nutanix deployments.

  • Simple, plug and play software-defined network fabric architecture
  • One-touch provisioning of Nutanix HCI cluster, VMware, and network
  • Complete interoperability with existing network, compute and storage infrastructure 
  • Transparent interconnection across HCI nodes to support data replication and HA/DR requirements
  • Scales from several nodes to hundreds of nodes with predictable, linear performance
  • Nutanix service-aware analytics dashboard provides visibility for VM, Storage, Compute and Network
  • Built on standards-based Open Networking switch hardware providing the customer freedom of choice