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Nutanix Extends Amazon EKS Anywhere Support for Enterprise On-Premises Kubernetes

Now generally available, Nutanix and Amazon have partnered to provide a seamless method of extending Kubernetes clusters on Amazon EKS to the Nutanix Cloud Platform via EKS Anywhere. Amazon EKS Anywhere helps simplify the creation and operation of on-premises Kubernetes clusters with default component configurations while providing tools for automating cluster management. This solution is designed for existing EKS customers that want the flexibility to seamlessly move and manage workloads to and from AWS to Nutanix Cloud Platform.

Amazon EKS Anywhere

This integration leverages Nutanix’s Cluster API. Cluster API, a Kubernetes sub-project focused on providing declarative APIs and tooling to simplify provisioning, upgrading, and operating Kubernetes clusters.

Amazon EKS Anywhere is an enterprise-class solution for deploying Kubernetes clusters on Nutanix with simplified cluster creation and operations. Included are default component configurations, integrated 3rd party software, and tooling consistent with Amazon EKS. Once installed, customers can leverage many additional AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Amazon API Gateway, among others. EKS Anywhere itself includes default configurations, a container runtime, CNI, and multiple authentication choices.

Nutanix is the best platform for modern applications providing a full-stack, scalable software-defined platform to run any application. This includes flexible, secure, enterprise-grade data services for stateful application needs including Volumes, Objects, Files and Nutanix Database Service (NDB), as well as an integrated open source cluster API (CAPI) for Amazon EKS Anywhere and participating Kubernetes runtime providers.