Streamline VMware-to-Nutanix Migrations


Nutanix offers a full range of Professional Services for VMware customers to simplify and accelerate large-scale migrations, minimize business disruption, and reduce risk.

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has created uncertainty for organizations that rely on VMware virtualization technologies. Nutanix offers a complete virtualization portfolio that provides a clear path for your hybrid multicloud future. Nutanix Professional Services can help you plan and execute a VMware-to-Nutanix migration strategy that satisfies your business requirements while minimizing disruption to critical business operations, ensuring success.

Nutanix Professional Services for VMware

While Nutanix technology simplifies transitions from VMware, enterprise migrations always require careful planning and execution. Nutanix Professional Services has assisted with thousands of VMware migrations across all major industries. Nutanix experts have the deep experience and skills to satisfy your requirements, proceeding as quickly-or slowly-as necessary.

Nutanix experts help you close the IT skills gap and reduce the need to upskill for migration. Up-front planning optimizes the migration timeline and helps avoid pitfalls.

Reduce risk.
Nutanix will design and execute your VMware-to-Nutanix migration utilizing best practices to minimize downtime and to ensure the new environment meets or exceeds performance, security, and manageability requirements. Nutanix Professional Services mitigates risk for even the largest and most complex VMware migrations.

Control costs.
Reduce the time to exit your current VMware environment, minimizing migration and licensing costs. Avoid sub-optimal migration outcomes and missteps that could require expensive and disruptive rework.

All services can be tailored to your chosen migration path and needs.

Nutanix Cloud Platform Migration and Operations Workshop

Many VMware customers want expert assistance to reduce migration risks and minimize business disruption. This workshop will help your teams learn migration best practices, providing the in-depth insights and practical guidance necessary for a successful migration. Topics can include software-defined networking, automation, databases, and end-user computing.

Professional Services Tailored to Your Migration Journey

Nutanix Professional Services address the needs of common VMware-to-Nutanix migration paths.

Customers migrating from VMware vSphere and legacy SAN: Get assistance with Nutanix HCI design, deployment, and VMware migration.

  • Recommended services: HCI Design Workshop, HCI Deployment, virtual machines (VM) Migration Workshop, VM Migration Workshop, VM Migration

Customers migrating from VMware vSAN: Learn how Nutanix AOS Storage differs from vSAN; get assistance with Nutanix HCI design, deployment, and VMware migration.

  • Recommended services: HCI Design Workshop, HCI Deployment, VM Migration Workshop, VM Migration

Customers running VMware on Nutanix: Get assistance migrating Nutanix clusters from VMware to AHV.

  • Recommended services: VM Migration Workshop, VM Migration

The Nutanix Cloud Platform Migration and Operations Workshop is recommended for any organization new to Nutanix. Additional services are available to address advanced networking, data protection, disaster recovery, automation, and more.

Nutanix Professional Services Satisfy VMware Migration Needs

Whatever your migration strategy, Nutanix offers a full range of services to address your needs. You’re guaranteed

to find services that can jumpstart your migration efforts and help improve your IT operations post-migration.

For VMware-to-Nutanix migration, we focus on 5 key areas:

Nutanix planning services help analyze your business needs and requirements to determine project scope and objectives.

Using proven methodologies, Nutanix design services help you develop a detailed design plan forall necessary Nutanix infrastructure, including sizing, layout, and configuration.

Nutanix experts collaborate with your team to install and configure the necessary infrastructureaccording to the design plan. We also help them master the new operational environment.

Migrate workloads from your VMware environment. Options include:

  • VMware ESXi → Nutanix AHV hypervisor
  • VMware ESXi → VMware workloads on Nutanix
  • VMware workloads on Nutanix → Nutanix AHV hypervisor

Ease migration from the VMware Aria Suite or create powerful new automations for your Nutanix infrastructure.

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While Nutanix offers services for the entire migration journey, you are free to select just the ones you need, keeping in mind that planning and design are essential to avoid missteps. In addition to the services shown, we offer a range of operational services, training and certification via Nutanix University, and resident and technical account manager (TAM) options.

VMware-to-Nutanix Service Offering Plan Design Deploy Migrate Automate

Kickstart: Migration Strategy





NCP Migration and Operations Workshop





HCI Design Workshop





NC2 on AWS/Azure Design Workshop





HCI Storage Consolidation Workshop





HCI Flow Network Security Microsegmentation Design Workshop





HCI Disaster Recovery Design Workshop





HCI Cluster Deployment or Expansion





NC2 on AWS/Azure Deployment





FastTrack for Files





HCI Flow Network Security Microsegmentation Deployment





FastTrack for HCI Flow Virtual Networking VPC





Data Protection and Backup Deployment





HCI Disaster Recovery Deployment





HCI Virtual Machine Migration Workshop





HCI Virtual Machine Migration





Files Migration





Automation Development Sprint Service





Getting Started

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