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Support Services for Nutanix with HPE® ProLiant® DX Appliances

Experience the Difference of Nutanix and HPE Support

Nutanix and HPE® formed a global partnership to deliver Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software on a new family of integrated appliances, ProLiant® DX, based on the most secure industry standard servers, HPE’s ProLiant and Apollo Gen10 servers and select Gen10 Plus servers.

Nutanix and HPE are committed to delivering the highest level of support to customers running Nutanix Cloud Platform on HPE® ProLiant® DX appliances.

How Support Works

  1. Customers receive two separate supports contracts:
    • One for Nutanix software, inclusive of AOS, AHV and other Nutanix software products
    • One for the HPE hardware, firmware, and software. ProLiant DX servers ship with a 3 year Next Business day support contract, with optional support uplifts available.
  2. Depending on the nature of the issue, the customer contacts either HPE or Nutanix to receive hardware or software respectively.
  3. Nutanix Support will drive all Nutanix software-related issues to resolution, while the HPE is responsible for resolving all hardware-related issues.
  4. If at any time during the support discussions with the customer the issue turns out to be related to the other vendor’s technologies (HPE hardware/Nutanix software), HPE and Nutanix will collaborate when necessary to resolve the customer’s issue. A case will be opened on behalf of the customer, and shared in real time, to enable more efficient and effective collaboration to resolve the customer's issue.

How Nutanix Analytics & Automatic Support Monitoring Works on HPE® Proliant® DX

  1. Nutanix’s Automatic Support Monitoring when enabled by Customers provides system event notifications to Nutanix Support. Nutanix Support will notify the customer of the potential issue. Software alerts will be resolved by Nutanix Support. If at any time a hardware issue or alert is identified, the customer can engage HPE Support to help drive further troubleshooting and resolve the issue directly. 
  2. Nutanix Pulse automatically provides diagnostic system data to Nutanix support teams in order to deliver proactive, context-aware support. Examples include failed disks, faulty network interface cards (NICs) and unusually high utilization of cluster resources that could lead to potential problems.
  3. Nutanix Prism provides a "single pane of glass" for administering the Nutanix Cloud Platform environment, across single and multiple clusters. Both Alert and Pulse capabilities are enabled via Prism.

Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

HPE® ProLiant® DX appliance configurations are qualified jointly by Nutanix and HPE®, and all available platform configurations are listed by Nutanix on its platforms spec sheet found at