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Simplifying IT Modernization for Schools and Libraries

Freedom to run apps and access data from anywhere with one software platform


A recent study* concluded that education IT leaders are increasingly adopting mixed IT environments to gain agility and flexibility, making it easier to adjust to ever-shifting requirements such as  data security, backup, compliance, performance, and cost.

Schools and libraries continue to choose Nutanix for its single, software-defined platform, which delivers a common cloud operating model across every IT environment. You can deploy Nutanix within one hour to modernize your datacenter, and scale your infrastructure in minutes at the edge, in colocation facilities and the public cloud – including AWS and Azure – without disruption.

Our web-scale architecture natively integrates compute, storage, networking, and virtualization so you can securely run nearly any application or certified hardware, hypervisor or cloud without vendor lock-in. Nutanix dramatically simplifies IT operations by eliminating server and storage silos – along with their complex management tools and processes – and reducing space, power and cooling costs.

*Fifth annual Enterprise Cloud Index for Public Sector, a global research study by Vanson & Bourne, commissioned by Nutanix in 2023.

"Our previous datacenter required multiple tools to manage and maintain. If a problem came up, tracking down the cause was manual and time-consuming. Nutanix gives us total manageability over a single pane of glass, so the network status is all there right in front of us. I don’t have to worry about our infrastructure anymore."

– Tom DiBuono, Senior Network Administrator, North Syracuse Central School District

Protect Your Data and Applications

Nutanix provides native platform security, including application-centric microsegmentation, role-based access controls, native storage snapshots, FIPS-validated data-at-rest and data-in-flight encryption, and immutable S3-compatible WORM storage. Highly resilient storage with granular replication ensures quick and reliable disaster recovery and business continuity.

Nutanix software ships with preconfigured Nutanix AOS STIG and other DISA standard STIGs to automate the strengthening of critical systems and infrastructure, reducing the burden on your IT teams. Our platform automates compliance and provides self-healing capabilities to address configuration drift anomalies. A single dashboard shows STIG status, security posture, audit results, and reports so you can resolve incidents and reduce risk using a zero-trust approach.

The Nutanix Difference 

Education IT leaders can manage all physical and virtual resources as a unified whole using a centralized dashboard that leverages AI-driven automation. It is easy to manage your IT infrastructure, data, databases, workload security, self-service capabilities, planning, chargeback, and governance.

You can deploy applications and databases in minutes, as well as move apps and workloads between different environments without re-architecting, refactoring or replatforming. This flexibility enables disaster recovery plans to be tailored to specific needs and easily adapted as requirements change. 

Workloads run better on Nutanix, including learning management systems, student information systems, ERP, VDI, AI/ML, Splunk, SQL, VMware, BI data analytics, and edge-based workloads such as video surveillance.

Key Benefits**

  • 43% reduction in IT operating costs
  • 97% less unplanned downtime
  • 36% reduced infrastructure costs
  • 57.5K annual reduction in kg CO2
  • 60% faster workload migration by eliminating refactoring and replatforming
  • 53% more efficient IT infrastructure management

** The Business Value of Nutanix Cloud Platform, an IDC white paper sponsored by Nutanix, October 2022

Nutanix dynamically allocates resources on-demand to reduce maintenance cycles. You can rapidly provision new databases while automating patches and backups. Nutanix also makes it easy to create development, test and user acceptance environments quickly with minimal storage consumption. 

With our software-defined unified data services platform, you can consolidate file, object and block storage, eliminating complex silos. With simplified data management, analytics and integrated ransomware protection, you can easily manage and control all data types residing at the edge, on-premises and in the cloud with one consumption-based, flexible license.

No matter where you are on your journey, rely on Nutanix to accelerate and simplify your IT modernization efforts.

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