Get a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure with Nutanix


In the digital innovation era where IT organizations need to deliver apps faster, with high reliability, hybrid cloud architectures that maximize the benefits of both Azure and private cloud have emerged as the preferred IT operating model. However, re-architecting legacy applications to make them suitable for running on Azure can be time-consuming and expensive. Separate management tools can create even more silos and lead to inefficient operations. Moreover, app modernization efforts require easy, high-performant access to public cloud services to power business transformation.

To help our customers transition more quickly to a hybrid cloud model, Nutanix and Microsoft Azure have collaborated to offer a hybrid cloud infrastructure solution that provides seamless application mobility along with unified management for all your apps and data across private cloud and Azure - all while maximizing your existing investments in Nutanix and Microsoft.

Société Générale has decided to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy. To implement such a strategy, companies need partners like Nutanix and Microsoft, who can help them build, operate, secure, and monitor a hybrid cloud environment.

Khaled Soudani
Group Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Société Générale


The Nutanix Cloud Platform comprises Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and Management capabilities for your apps and data that help you run any workload, anywhere. The Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure is delivered by running NC2 on Microsoft Azure and unifying them with your on-premises clusters. NC2 on Azure, currently in preview, brings the industry leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software that has been powering datacenter modernization efforts now on Azure bare-metal nodes. NC2 on Azure makes it simpler, faster and more cost effective to run applications seamlessly across private cloud and Azure.

With NC2 on Azure you can run the Nutanix HCI software on Azure bare-metal nodes and integrate with Nutanix software HCI running on-prem delivering a true hybrid experience. You can use your existing Azure accounts and easily deploy Nutanix VPC networking which provides an easy connection with Azure services. Using the same HCI platform across private cloud and Azure, with out-of-the-box networking integration, dramatically reduces the operational complexity of migrating, extending or bursting your applications from on-prem to Azure.

Customers can deploy and manage Azure bare-metal nodes from the Nutanix management interface - Prism. This delivers a unified hybrid cloud, providing consistent tooling and operational practices across Azure and private clouds, allowing customers to choose the right environment for the right workload without lock-in.


Migrate to Cloud

Consolidate datacenter capacity and migrate on-prem applications to Azure with no code change. Eliminate the months or even years needed to refactor legacy applications and easily integrate with Azure services to modernize legacy apps.

On Demand Elasticity

Running out of on-prem resource capacity? Instead of weeks to procure and configure additional on-prem hardware, rapidly provision resources on NC2 on Azure to meet seasonal increase in demand or for dev/test purposes.

Disaster Recovery

Use Azure regions as a secondary site to recover your apps within minutes in case of a disaster event. Benefit from global availability and geographical expansion of your DR site without expanding your own datacenter footprint.


Customers can request for preview access to NC2 on Azure by visiting (or talk to their sales rep). At General Availability, Microsoft Azure customers will be able to subscribe to NC2 from the Azure marketplace allowing them to utilize their existing Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) to purchase both Nutanix software and Azure bare-metal nodes. Nutanix customers will also be able to port their existing licenses to NC2 on Azure enabling frictionless movement between private and public clouds. Customers will also be able to apply Azure Hybrid Benefits as well as Extended Security Updates for their workloads. Additionally, Nutanix and Microsoft Azure will partner to provide joint customer support through the Nutanix support team.