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End-User Computing Reimagined: Unleash Productivity Anywhere

Simplify and accelerate hybrid multicloud Citrix deployments with Nutanix Cloud Platform

End-user computing (EUC) has evolved dramatically. According to a recent survey, initial adoption or acceleration of EUC implementations rose 87% amid the global transformations of the last few years. New challenges with deployments, security, scale, and cost arise as enterprises grow their EUC environments.

Running Citrix on Nutanix results in true hybrid multicloud workspace solutions with seamless access to apps, virtual desktops and protected data from any cloud, on any device, in any location, and at any scale. With Nutanix and Citrix, your organization is ready for anything.

"Before Nutanix, we were averaging a 171-second login time, which is a ridiculous wait if you’re a provider. After migrating…to Nutanix, it now takes us less than 19 seconds to access an EMR application. Our staff can meet or exceed their workload expectations, and see more patients per day. Nutanix was the best choice I made as a CIO."

- Isaiah Nathaniel, Chief Information Officer, Delaware Valley Community Health

Enable hybrid multicloud deployments

Enterprises often struggle to meet the needs of a distributed workforce using legacy infrastructure running on-premises. Perhaps this is why 45% of EUC solutions are already hybrid. Although leveraging cloud resources can improve operations, it might be unclear how to get there.

Combining Citrix with Nutanix infrastructure solutions enables you to support distributed workforce needs—using the same capabilities in your datacenters and the cloud. Utilize your cloud subscription for simple and flexible capacity on-demand, take advantage of the cloud for stronger business continuity and disaster recovery in a hybrid multicloud environment.

Enhance end-user security

In a recent survey, 59% of organizations said that security and IT efficiency were the top EUC purchase criteria. However, satisfying compliance, regulatory and data privacy requirements for a remote workforce remains challenging.

Citrix on Nutanix is effective in mitigating the spread of malware and identifying the early signs of ransomware – along with minimizing data loss and theft – by regulating local devices with comprehensive access controls and data encryption in transit and at rest.

Cost optimization 

Provide consistent access to apps and data in a way that is simple to manage and at a predictable and controlled cost. Align purchasing and license renewals to a single subscription based on a per-concurrent-user model and away from capacity-based complexity. Streamline decisions with aligned Nutanix and Citrix license models.

Accelerate deployments

Some users may return to the office full- or part-time while others continue to work remotely. In a recent survey, 62% of organizations said that standardized EUC environments decrease deployment time. With Nutanix and Citrix, standardized, secure environments scale quickly and deliver greater flexibility, which increases end-user satisfaction.


React quickly to deliver a consistent and delightful end-user experience as hybrid work needs change. Be confident that your EUC solution offers a standardized environment at scale with flexibility regardless of physical location.  Transition from short-term tactics to sustainable solutions with Citrix on Nutanix End-User Computing.

Getting started

Nutanix experts have the skill and expertise to help you make the right decisions for your organization, enabling you to deploy and operate Citrix in a hybrid multicloud environment with confidence. A variety of services are available to help you, including planning and sizing, design and deployment, and scaling and integration. Contact Nutanix or an authorized representative to choose the path forward that’s right for you

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