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Confidently Secure your Hybrid Multicloud with Nutanix

Secure Applications and Data to  Strengthen Cyber Resilience in hybrid multicloud deployments

Cyber Security Challenges of a Hybrid Multicloud environment

Organizations today run multiple private and public clouds, but this approach also presents other avenues for cyber events like ransomware or data breaches. Not to mention, hybrid work environments further complicates cyber security planning. New strategies are required as IT systems and humans are constantly under attack to enables you to adapt, evolve, and weather advanced persistent threats.

Consider that , each cloud you integrate into your hybrid multicloud brings its own unique cybersecurity controls, creating complexity. These security silos increase the risk of a cyber event due to the increased human error, misconfiguration, and lack of visibility. Deploying a cyber resilient and unified security posture requires a platform that streamlines security operations with multiple layers of defense and resilience.  Persistent threats require persistent strategies.


Nutanix Flow Network Security is really focused on security, which is at the top of our mind. We have a very secure environment, but we’re always looking at ways to utilize technology to enhance that security. Flow Network Security enables us to follow an application all the way through and provide security wherever needed.

Ken Shaffer
Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Systems, CarMax

Cyber Resilience: The security strategy for  hybrid multicloud deployments

Ransomware, AI security, and data sovereignty have shifted the security focus from preventing events towards anticipating, withstanding, and recovering data and applications on-the-fly regardless of the cyber event or natural disaster. Whether you are being actively targeted or have experienced an event, you’re constantly under threat.

This new approach is called cyber resilience.

The Nutanix Cloud Platform approaches cyber resilience uniquely to ensure your platform, data, applications, and networks are resilient and aligned to your security operations:

  • Operate Anywhere: Security operations that work your way, providing visibility, compliance, and governance for your unique environment across your hybrid multicloud.
  • Integrated and Automated: Reduce security complexity using native and integrated controls on one platform that can be used by non-security personnel with automatic monitoring and remediation using self-healing, AI and machine learning.
  • Security By Policy: Deploy network policies that can span across your data and apps for identical cloud operations, eliminating human misconfigurations.
  • Strengthen Cyber Resilience: Leverage features and tools that make it possible to endure attacks while still operating and ensuring the integrity of critical data and apps.
  • Reduce TCO: Bring your current security tools and vendors into one validated platform to reduce operational costs and increase threat detection and business value.

Beyond Ransom & Recovery: Defend Your Data Proactively

Security leaders must look beyond securing just endpoints and servers towards protecting against ransomware and other malicious threats across clouds. An organization must focus on the intent of these attacks, which is to protect their valuable data. Fighting these attacks must extend to the data of your hybrid multicloud, where further security controls can block unknown activity  and recover quickly.

Nutanix Data Lens™ SaaS-based data security solution helps proactively assess and mitigate unstructured data security risks by identifying anomalous activity, auditing user behavior, and adhering to monitoring requirements - all at the primary storage layer, where your data is stored, on-premises or in a public cloud. Global data visibility across clouds allows customers to make intelligent decisions to optimize primary storage through data lifecycle management.

Nutanix Data Lens can block and detect threats to data in less than 20 minutes, minimizing the ransomware exposure window and speeding recovery of normal business operations. As the final line of defense, Nutanix Data Lens offers 1-Click Recovery to recover data from the last good snapshot for minimized data loss, once security operations has determined there’s no further risk.

Strengthen Hybrid Multicloud Security for Your Applications and Data

While hybrid multicloud security can be complex and challenging, Nutanix Cloud Platform and Nutanix Data Lens help strengthen cyber resilience  and reduce data loss risk through securing your platform, data, networks, and applications. Persistent threats require persistent strategies to reduce exposure and uncoverable data loss using cyber resilience on the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

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