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Cloud-Native Computing with Nutanix Cloud Platform

Self-Service infrastructure lets teams focus on application development

Cloud-native technologies can empower platform engineering teams to build and run scalable applications in dynamic, hybrid multicloud environments. However, Kubernetes is a complex platform that evolves fast. Legacy infrastructure simply isn’t built to keep up with the resource demands of Kubernetes or the multitude of technologies in the cloud-native landscape. Because there are few integrated solutions, deployment and solution integration require too much time and effort.

Our mission: One platform for VMs and any Kubernetes

Nutanix Cloud Platform addresses the challenges of cloud-native computing with an integrated platform that provides choice, flexibility, ease of use, and security. Nutanix makes it simple to develop and run all your applications—traditional apps running in VMs and containerized apps—on-premises, in public clouds and at the edge.

Flexibility and choice

At most companies, VMs and containers will co-exist for a long time. Nutanix Cloud Platform offers a single environment that provides exceptional support for both paradigms. Nutanix gives you the freedom to choose your preferred Kubernetes distribution. Nutanix software runs on supported hardware from leading vendors and on public clouds, so you’re never locked in.

Ease of use

With Nutanix, all the infrastructure you need for Kubernetes just works, eliminating time-consuming integration. One-click management simplifies formerly complex operational tasks, including backup and disaster recovery for protection of persistent data.


Security for Kubernetes and cloud-native apps in hybrid multicloud environments is complex and error-prone. Nutanix delivers self-healing infrastructure security—with the same security controls everywhere—plus advanced network security and microsegmentation to protect critical operations.

The best platform for Kubernetes and modern apps

Nutanix gives you the enterprise capabilities you need to run the Kubernetes environment of your choice on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge. Nutanix Cloud Platform is our proven HCI solution offering a robust, scalable, high-performance infrastructure for deploying and managing Kubernetes and VMs. 

One-click management makes it simple to upgrade operating software, application software and firmware. Integrated backup and disaster recovery capabilities eliminate the need to integrate open-source or commercial data protection solutions, streamlining your Kubernetes environment while ensuring critical data is protected and secure.

Only Nutanix lets you consolidate all your file, block and object data on a single platform—and scale capacity non-disruptively as your needs grow.

For developer self-service, Kubernetes storage drivers provision and manage storage at the container level. One-to-one mappings of storage to containers are an incomplete solution for application-level protection. Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes (NDK) extends our data services to integrate your cloud-native applications, allowing them to be managed at the application level rather than the container level. 

To learn more about application-aware data services, read the solution brief.

Resources to learn more

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