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Accelerate Database Operations and Improve Business Outcomes with Nutanix Cloud Platform

Leverage Optimized Agility, Availability, and Flexibility with Intelligent Database Operations

Managing high-performance databases on traditional infrastructure can create complex and costly business challenges. With segregated compute, storage and networking resources, database workloads become inefficient and prone to human error, leading to unplanned outages and high maintenance costs. Traditional infrastructures are also difficult to scale to support evolving business needs, making it challenging to deploy and manage databases effectively to meet growing business needs.

Thankfully, the Nutanix Cloud Platform offers a modern database infrastructure that simplifies overall database management, improves performance and availability, and increases business agility. Nutanix delivers predictable, non-disruptive scaling of compute and storage as database demands grow. Run any application and database anywhere at scale while eliminating the need for forklift upgrades and disruptive data migrations.

We’ve been building databases on 3-tier architecture up to now, so this kind of one-click construction was a revolutionary change for us. And thanks to this change, it took us only two months from designing the new database system to carry out careful testing and complete construction of the production system, which is amazingly fast. Another major benefit is that even people without special skills will be able to serve as database admins.

Kazuaki Sakashita
Manager, Data Management, EC Management Dept. EC Services, SB Technology Corp.

Leverage Nutanix storage efficiencies to improve database performance

The Nutanix Cloud Platform’s dynamic storage distribution is far more cost-efficient than the static drive cache approach often used by SANs. This capability coupled with storage provisioning automation further helps lower database storage costs. In addition, Nutanix integrates all storage drives into the distributed capacity of the cluster, tiering data between different media types depending on database access patterns. This enables you to deliver capacity efficiently while improving cluster resiliency, as no single drive becomes a single point of failure or a bottleneck for application-write operations to the database.

One Platform for your entire SQL Server database estate.

Simplify database management with Nutanix Database Service (NDB)

Nutanix Database Service (NDB) is the only Database-as-a-Service that simplifies and automates database lifecycle management across on-premises and public clouds for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB databases. NDB enables database administration teams (DBAs) and IT professionals to manage hundreds to thousands of databases efficiently and securely to meet performance, scalability, security, high availability, disaster recovery, and cost requirements without sacrificing control or flexibility. It also makes database provisioning simple, fast, and secure to support agile application development. 

With NDB, developers can self-service provision new and copied databases for developer testing and production purposes, alleviating DBA manual involvement. By combining the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure with DBaaS, NDB delivers a database solution that performs as the business demands: always available, secure, and extremely cost-efficient.

Simplify database management with Nutanix Database Service

Protect databases with Nutanix integrated data protection and integrated security

Simplify and strengthen data and app protection with integrated snapshot and retention policies from Nutanix. Use flexible scheduling to build policy-based, low-overhead replication and granular snapshots. These can be configured by a virtual machine (VM) for synchronous and integrated asynchronous protection with quick and easy restores across clusters. Easily create a policy to meet your unique needs (e.g., to snapshot every hour, store for 24 hours, then save one snapshot per day, per week, for 6 months). This allows you to snap and recover an exact point in time so database integrity for critical applications is always addressed and maintained. 

The strong platform security of Nutanix creates better cyber resilience against advanced persistent threats like ransomware. With Nutanix native VM data encryption service and NDB patching automation, businesses can deploy enhanced security measures without complex integrations or bringing in new IT and database experts.

Accelerate time to value and increase business agility

Nutanix allows businesses to deploy infrastructure and databases in minutes to hours, accelerating development and test deployment by up to 10 times. This allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition and make data-driven decisions for increased revenue opportunities. In addition, the Nutanix solution for databases provides businesses with the ability to manage their databases efficiently, reduce costs, and increase revenue opportunities. IT and database teams can be confident that they’ll always meet their organization’s growing database requirements.

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