How Nutanix Can Help Make Workload Migration Simpler

Moving VMware workloads to Nutanix is easier than you think

Nutanix offers VMware customers a range of migration strategies to ensure the continuity of operations. The right strategy can minimize operational change, ensure a smooth migration, and lead to exceptional performance, reliability, and support.

Successful migration planning involves identifying workloads, file sizes, time frames, breaking large migrations into phases, and performing backups after each successful phase. We share our step by step guidelines below.

Key Results

Reduced Management
Reduced the number of employees needed to manage the infrastructure by 66%, freeing up resources to focus on strategic projects
Faster Turnaround
Cut turnaround time for IT requests from weeks to hours, freeing engineers to work on innovative new products
Lower Costs
Reduced storage/compute datacenter footprint by 75%, lowering overall datacenter costs significantly

Step 1: Assess current environment for risk exposure  

  • Gather VMware solution usage, end-user license agreements and pricing
  • Calculate risk exposure to pricing, support and roadmap changes
  • Map VMware solutions to Nutanix
  • Number and types of virtual machines, storage requirements, and network configurations

Step 2: Plan your migration

  • Engage stakeholders
  • Identify apps and workloads to migrate and downtime considerations
  • Project design
  • Document test plans
  • Engage change management

Step 3: Become familiar with the elements of Nutanix Cloud Platform

  • Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure simplifies production, deployment and management of IT services while providing secure networking and cost controls
  • Nutanix Cloud Clusters effortlessly migrates apps and workloads to the cloud without re-architecting or replatforming
  • Nutanix Cloud Manager automates daily operations, detects VM behavioral anomalies and enables pay-as-you-grow capacity scaling
  • Nutanix Unified Storage intelligently manages data storage operations and offers integrated ransomware protection in scalable consumption-based model

Step 4: Choose your migration path

  • From VMware three-tier infrastructure to Nutanix
  • From VMware vSAN to Nutanix
  • From VMware HCI environment to Nutanix
  • Migrate to the cloud

Step 5: Gather available tools and services for migration

  • The Nutanix Move cross-hypervisor mobility solution migrates VMs with minimal downtime
  • Nutanix starter kit will help you kick things off 
  • Engage Nutanix Professional Services or Nutanix partners to help you with migration